First post (ever!)


Welcome!  Well I have no idea why you’ve stumbled upon my blog, but I hope you enjoy it.  Right now it’s totally a work in progress, but I’m totally excited about it so I couldn’t help but start to share it.  Right now I’m in the process of updating the ‘previous fosters’ section then I can focus on my Eve, our current foster who I love.  I may say that about all the fosters we’ve had, but Eve and Ivy (sisters?  I can’t see how they are not.  Here they are- hard to tell them apart huh?) are the best.  They both came from Prince George’s County, along with two other dogs that were all set to be euthanized that day.


Ivy was adopted just a week after we had her.  And it was the first foster I honestly didn’t get that sign of relief after they left.  Don’t get me wrong I have loved each and every one.  But unfortunately for them, they are not the only dog at our house, and sometimes two dogs is NOT like one (like I originally told myself it was!).  Oh it is sooo different (especially with my high maintenance, high energy Knox).

Anyway, I have such high hopes for this blog.  I hope to look back on this first post saying, “wow, look how horribly I was writing, and look how crappy my pictures and lay out originally was…”  (disclaimer, I know that picture of Eve is far from ‘good’, however the girl would not sit still unless she was literally at my feet.  Makes for a hard picture!  And she has yet to master the ‘stay’ command….workin on it!)

I’m excited to chronicle this journey.  What an adventure it has been!  And I’m sure the best stories are yet to come (I know we’ve lucked out with our fosters so far).  Living in the city, we haven’t exactly been stuck with the worst dogs.  We don’t have a backyard (or a yard at all), we live in a tiny row house, and we pass about 10 dogs on any given walk.  I’m not blind to the fact that MABB is easing us into the fostering process, and that they should… after all Knox’s Pitbull Guardian, ‘T’ said, “I’m a smart business woman, I want you coming back for more”… and so far she’s right!  It seems that we are anxious for them to go, but just as anxious to get the next.  And that wouldn’t be the case without the support from ‘T’ and the awesome foster parents through MABB.  I know I’m not unique in this fostering process, however maybe some of my stories will at least provide some comic relief and “that happened to me too” to the other foster parents, or maybe it will provide some understanding to my friends (or, my mom) who keeps asking, “why do you do this again?”.  Some people just don’t get it…but maybe this will help.  And just maybe someone will decide to give it a whirl and try fostering…who knows!

And for you Baltimore folks– I’ll also be highlighting some of our favorite dog friendly parks, hikes, restaurants, cupcakeries (oh yes, with Doggie cupcakes), and more.  Stay tuned!


With Pittie-ful love,



2 thoughts on “First post (ever!)

  1. Thanks for your wonderful blog. I sumbled upon it a couple of days ago and already made it to the end… errr beginning of the blog. I am very much interested in fostering; however, the rescue group that I volunteer with hasn’t been able to find a dog that would work out with ours for over a month now. And it doesn’t seem like they are in a rush to do it. I am hoping that we will be able to get a dog soon. Anyways, keep blogging. I really like that you are very positive unlike some other bloggers in the rescue/foster community.

  2. Hey, I have been reading your blog for some time now and was finally able to get to an actual computer today, not just my iPhone, so I could post to you! I love all your stories and pictures and all that you are doing for the pits. It really is amazing. in 2011 I got really heavily involved in rescues in Colorado and up until a few weeks ago had never officially fostered a dog. I have a few stories up on my blog so far, but many more stories to post!

    Please keep the great stories and pics coming, (I WANT YOUR CAMERA AND YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS!) 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your experience with Knox. I can’t imagine what you are going through, but it looks like he made his mark in your life and I hope everyone gets to experience a relationship with a pet like you had with Knox.


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