Dog Park and a stick pic : )

Now I know this Stubby Dog blog is featured on my blogroll to the right, (oh yea, figuring out this blog thing!), however I  couldn’t explain this better myself, and the truth is, I am asked all the time!  “Why don’t we meet at the dog park?  Bring the foster?” 

Controlled play with three balanced dog (Tyson Knox and Chloe!)

Now when we first got Knox, we did hit the dog park.  And I don’t think it was all that terrible.  I think he really enjoyed it, and lucky for us, there was never ‘an incident’.  phew!  HOWEVER, I have met some of THE WORLD’S WORST DOG OWNERS at the dog park.  Seriously people, are you watching your dog?  Are you seeing your shitzu attack my dog?  Oh, apparently because your dog is 30 lbs and my in 70lbs, that’s ok.  Well news flash, it’s not.  So, we’ve stopped visiting.  Not because Knox isn’t great, he really takes it in stride, but do I really want to set him up for failure?  Nope.  And taking a foster?  No way in hell!  These dogs come into my house from who knows where.  How could I throw them into a pile full of crazy dogs without knowing how he/she will react?  It just wouldn’t be fair.  So, despite the fact that I was so excited for the Locust Point dog park… We just don’t go there much.  We have been sporadically on really off hours (like 11am on a random Tuesday when the rest of the world is at work).  We scope out the scene and it goes something like this:  One lab playing fetch with his owner…A pit bull sniffing the fence with a wagging tail… Ok I think we’re good.  Then we enter.  That’s pretty much the only time.  The second we see a dog acting weird, we are out of there.  And we completely avoid the dog park when its a massive pack of dogs (aka the weekends and evenings).  Like I said, I may be a worry wart… but the last thing this breed needs is more bad press.  So Knox takes one for the Pitbull Team… and we head somewhere else. 

Tugging with a ball (it's there, though you cannot see it!)

Anyway, it’s much better said here!  Check out Stubby’s take on the Dog Park.

Here’s a picture of Eve and Knox taking a walk down to Riverside park yesterday…walking each other with a stick.  Too cute, right?

Knox’s day would not be complete without finding a good stick.  he is picky, but if he finds a good one, he’s in heaven. 

Eve is wearing her cute little adopt me bandana.  Though we didn’t catch anyone’s eye yesterday, it’s a great way to start up conversation, chat about pitbulls, fostering, etc.  Or maybe even a potential adopter!


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