Oh Ivy girl… What happened?



So, I feel like this is only post number three and I should try and keep it light, but that’s not what is going on in Ivy’s life right now.  I can’t tell you that I’m going to share our journey with you and not tell you some of the hardest news we have yet to face. 

Her adopter called saying that Ivy, sweet little Ivy, started displaying some not-so-great behaviors.  When Ivy first came to us, she was so timid and scared, and did that ‘pancake’ thing where she just lied flat on her belly, in hopes to disappear into the floor to escape her fear.  Fear is a funny thing in dogs.  With us, she was timid, and scared, but very very loveable.  She opened up very quickly, and I believe with Knox’s help, caught on to some very basic things like walking on a leash and ignoring the fire trucks.  She’d freeze when there was a big noise, look at him, see his indifference and then keep going.  It was pretty cool.  She would wag her little tail (ok her whole butt) when a human would pet her and proceed to give lots and lots of kisses.  Now, we only had Ivy a week.  Maybe it wasn’t long enough.  Maybe she was just getting comfortable.  Who knows.  How did I not pick up on this?  Why was she different with us?  Questions I’ll never know the answer to.

So the update: Ivy loves her new humans, very much.  In 11 days, she was attached.  So much so, that is appears she’s become protective of them, to the point where she was growling at humans.  This little girl clearly had some issues that were just not clear to us in the 7 days we had her.  This may be because it took her longer to ‘come out of her shell’, or because here she had Knox, and often dogs act differently in the presence of other dogs.  For all you people who are going to jump on pitbulls for being ‘unpredictable’ and ‘vicious’, let me just say that this little girl clearly went through some crap in her previous life.  She was so scared.  Of everything.  And human aggression is never okay, or is it normal.  Especially for pit bulls!  Pit bulls are Terriers, they are NOT even part of the Guardian group of dogs (i.e. Shepards, Rotties, American Bulldogs…etc), and do not tend to have that innate ‘protection’.  They do have something called ‘Gameness’ which makes them incredibly courageous and determined; this is why humans exploit pitbulls; because they are human pleasing and determined and will persevere.  It does not make them bad dogs. 


Relaxing on a hot day


So back to sweet Ivy.  Ivy girl is damaged, possibly beyond repair…but the book isn’t closed yet.  Luckily, her new adoptive parents have kept in constant contact with MABB, following their every recommendation and doing tons of work and research on their own.  They meet with a great trainer tomorrow and if this trainer thinks she is capable of being rehabilitated, then that is good news for Ivy because she has a family that is willing to do what it takes.  They know that dogs are not temporary; but fixtures and lifetime commitments.  Lucky for Ivy her new family knows underneath all of her trauma and fear is a loveable dog trying to break free from her past and find true love in her forever home. 

I will be thinking of Ivy tomorrow and will update, good or bad.

Ivy girl being brave in the big box with the help of Knox



3 thoughts on “Oh Ivy girl… What happened?

  1. Tami just sent me a link to your blog, I’m a foster parent too, and at one point my boyfriend and I fostered Phoebe for a month before she got adopted the first time! Anyways, Chris and Em play on my soccer team and I referred them to MABB when they were thinking of adopting a dog! Apparently Ivy is doing much better – she graduated from obedience class, no longer escapes from her crate, and is transitioning much better! They LOVE her! (Just added you to my Google reader, btw!)

    • Yay for all of the above!!! I have had a few updates from Chris— and I’m thrilled to here she graduated top of her class at PUPS! 🙂 Hooray! Thanks for reading!!! I LOVE Ivy so i’m so glad she is being spoiled away by Chris and Em. Love happy endings. Thats what these pups deserve!

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