Growing plants and love

Great news!  Ivy girl met with her new trainer and things are looking good.  It will be a long road but if this trainer has faith, then that’s a great thing!  Progress.  And growing love and trust is a step in the right direction. 


That’s what we’re doing right?  Re-building trust in these dogs, essentially.  They have been forgotten about, returned, abandoned, given-up on, neglected and often times, abused.  By rescuing a dog, any type of dog, you are giving them another chance and reason to grow to trust and love humans.  Not that we are all trust worthy, certainly they have often times seen the worst of our kind before they show up on our doorstep….but to give them faith that there are people out there to love and care for them.  Keep on growing Ivy girl- you’re headed in the right direction.

Speaking of growing, here is Eve and Knox helping us ‘grow’ our stoop plants this morning. 

 Coming outside this morning on a nice, overcast Sunday, the pups helped us water the plans.  Okay, Brian watered and we all watched (and someone may have taken a few pictures)- but again that Eve did not stay still.

We are very proud of our flower pots on our stoop, after all it took a few years to actually put them out.  Knox occasionally likes to chew on the leaves but we are hoping Eve doesn’t catch on.

Scoping out the happenin’s from the stoop and saying hello to the neighbors walking by with their morning coffee and bagels.

g’morning birds!
 Eve is learning some basic commands like Sit and Stay right now.  She’s perfected them at the curbs before crossing the street already! Below this is demonstrating her “sit on Knox” command.  lol.  She still doesn’t stop moving though, even when sitting on her Knox.

2 thoughts on “Growing plants and love

  1. Hey, I just found you through a link in my site stats. I’m so thrilled to know there is another bully foster / dog blogger in the area! These two look absolutely precious, and I’m so happy to get to read about them. Ivy’s situation really hit home with me because of a very sad situation we had to deal with in our previous foster dog — one that was unfortunately not turn-around-able.
    Anyhow, welcome to the foster dog blog community. We’re glad you’re here 🙂
    Aleksandra, Sir Chick, & foster Stevie Wonder

    • Hi!
      Thanks for the welcome! I’m just getting started, so started that I have no idea what you are talk about (stats!) Hhaha. I have def checked out your blog and its awesome (and looks really cool!). It’s so funny how you appreciate the appearance so much more after you realize how hard it is to do. (well hard for me right now). Still figuring out all the technical stuff, but enjoying it so far! Thanks again for the welcome, so great to hear from you. We’ll keep in touch (and I’m sure be updated through each other’s blogs). I’m sorry about your Blue… I hope Ivy doesn’t turn out the same, but at this point, it’s up in the air. We’ll see!
      Jess (And Brian and Knox too!)

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