A Shout out to BARCS!

A little bit of press on BARCS and Best Friends.

So many amazing dogs, after all, it’s where my Knox came from!  I wish I could get there more than I do, but unfortunately my new hours at work don’t let me out so early, so weekends are usually my only opportunity.  I make a commitment to get their once a week at least, but feel terrible if I don’t.  Guilt.  Yuck.  You do what you can and keep on truckin’…

HOWEVER, I am proud to be a member of the BARCS Pit Crew!  Check out the link above to find out more.  Below are some pictures of the awesome event we held at Mother’s in May.  It was the weekend we adopted Knox one year ago.  His first ‘adopt-a-versary’.  After all, that’s way more important than his birthday since we have no clue when that is!  May 17th, incase you were curious.  That’s his ‘Adopt-a-versary’.

So we did this awesome Silent Auction at Mother’s grille in Federal Hill.  We raised a good chunk of change, all that went directly to the Pit Crew at BARCS! 


We got lots of local businesses todonate as well as some great volunteers to bring some FANTABULOUS adoptable dogs.  They were all a bunch of hams and loved all the attention they got!  : )



Self explanatory!

Carmen giving Kisses (Okay, getting them)




Lots of Luv for Juju

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