‘Ah Ha’ Moment

So you know when something just clicks?  Well I had that ‘Ah-Ha’ moment not too long ago.  After the third foster in a row was adopted (Tyson, then Chloe then Ivy), and it wasn’t so smoothly.  See, each of these three dogs were just fine here!  But all three then went on to new homes and had a few issues, if just in the beginning.  Not one of those dogs had any accidents in our house— which is just short of amazing (ok, that’s a lie, Tyson did pee once).  But still… amazing! 


Tyson then went to our friends who adopted him, and he pooped in his crate at least once a day for the first week.  He also had a lot of peeing accidents!

Chloe was mostly a peeing issue, but again, didn’t happen here!  She has cried a lot when her owners left her and chewed on the crate, destroyed her bed, etc.  Did she do any of that here?  Nope. 


And lastly, Ivy.  Sweet Ivy girl, as you know, had a very difficult time at first…BUT, she is doing so much better!  She struggled with peeing accidents, escaping from several crates, and becoming protective of her humans (not ok…but its getting so much better, hoooray!)… did she do any of that here?  You guessed it.  NOPE.

So, back to that ‘Ah-Ha’ moment….What did all these dogs have in common?  Another dog…when they were here anyway.  Then they went to homes when they were the only dog, and alone during the work day!  All alone.  Now, humans may think, oh what’s another dog gonna do, especially when they are in crates?  But the thing is, dogs are incredibly social animals.  It’s true that most are fine, or sometimes even prefer human attention and companionship over other dogs.  But, when your going through a scary transition, and you have been repeatedly let down by humans, another stable happy dog giving off the ‘Life is good’ and ‘There’s nothin’ to worry about here’ vibe must be incredibly reassuring.

So, all you future adopters, take that into account.  All the above dogs really did adjust quite nicely after that initial week or so.

So my moment yesterday…. 

Eve was not happy, clearly!

I came home from work, and after two weeks of a perfect little bed and an Eve who never had one accident (in or out of the crate), Eve let loose.  I do not think it was a coincidence that this was the first day she did not have Knox in his crate across the dining room.  See, Knox was sent to daycare yesterday to play with his buddies and get himself really tired since we had dinner plans at night after work, and Eve is going somewhere else this weekend since we’re headed out-of-town (so she was getting picked up at 5pm).  So little Eve was clearly not happy that she did not have a buddy to stare at all day long.  Nope.  And Eve tore up that bed and peed in her crate to show just how unhappy she was.

So just to note… with our experience, they actually appreciate the other dog, even if the foster can be a bit snarky at times, or straight up anti-social.  They seem to be comforted knowing there’s a dog here that’s doin’ alright.


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