Those Dog Days of Summer…

Summer is here!  Yay?!?  Now that I’m an ‘adult’ and have to work all summer, summer can be quite frustrating because it seems like the rest of the world is off enjoying their summer… (sigh…) and I’m stuck working when I’d rather be at the beach or playing in the park with a certain 4 legged friend of mine…

And now that I have a dog (or 2), I have to say, sometimes it sucks walking an hour or more a day when it’s over 90 degrees (and humid… oh Baltimore). 

BUT, we find ways around that!  Here’s a morning when we decided we’d beat the heat.  It was a scorcher that day… 97 and humid.  But, we were up early and sauntered up to the park before rubbing the sleep out of our eyes…

We played some ball…

 Met some new friends… 

And just hung around…

Eve strikes a pose... work it girl

love this one.


Now this little girl wanted to run with the other two playing fetch— but sadly for her, she was unable to.  For one, she’s not trained on recall even though all she wants to do is be with humans, and two, she was just spayed, so she couldn’t even run on leash!  She enjoyed herself just the same (okay, ALMOST just as much).

It was a great morning, and we will have plenty more like it this summer.  The park in the morning is quiet and void of the tourists that swarm in the afternoons…and on this particular overcast morning, it was perfect.


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