Traveling Knox, missing Eve

Well I hope everyone is staying cool!  We are finally getting a bit of a break with the heat, but it was one brutal weekend.  We shipped Eve off to another foster family for the next 10 days, and Knox is missing her terribly!  However I hear she is doing wonderfully (great news!)

See, we have some weddings, out of town.  Luckily for us, we can take Knox both weekends, however since we are staying at friends/family’s homes, we can’t invade with two.  Which turns out not to be so bad.  So while Eve was enjoying the AC in Baltimore, we arrived in St. Michael’s (on the Eastern Shore of MD), to a cottage that belongs to a friend of our’s.  The inside temp rang in at 94 degrees!  Yes, NINETY FOUR DEGREES.  So, sans dog, we would have found a cafe and a cold beer, but what to do with the four-legged monster?  He would be crispy if we left him in there while the AC kicked on. 

We drove into town, found the cute little pet store called Flying Fred’s, and said we needed to find water, stat.  Where could we take our pup to swim?  Of course the lady working there was so helpful, and pointed us in the right direction.  (Is everyone in St. Michael’s this welcoming and helpful?  Yes).  We bought a floaty fetch toy for Knox and off we went.  (not before a free treat of course, compliments of Flying Fred!)

Clearly, after our visit to Down’s Park, this boy was ready for the water!  Yay we have a water dog!  Here he is exploring the small beach by the Oxford/Bellevue ferry.  Perfect for dog swimming!  It was so shallow, so Knox did a lot of wading/running and not so much swimming (which is how he prefers it anyway!)

Check out his new floaty toy! 

Here he is shaking off the bay water!  Which I learned is actually called Brackish water (a mix of salt water and fresh water).  Learn something new every day!

Anyway, more of Knox jump jump jumping!

After all this playing, Knox took quite a nap before his old buddy, Tyson arrived.  See Tyson’s humans were going to the same wedding as us!  So they got some play time in before settling in their crates.  And they were up early the next morning (very early) to get some more playing in. 

Tennis ball tug. Creative!

These city dogs loved running around in their very own private dog park (aka a fenced in back yard!)  Laps and laps galore!

Here’s an upclose picture of Tyson.  His tongue is giving Stevie Wonder (aka Tongue Slinger Extraordinaire) a run for her money!  Doesn’t he look great?  He’s doing so well in his new home.  We love happy endings!  And we love that Knox and Ty will be buddies forever.  : )

At the end of the weekend, these boys had to part ways, which of course was devastating… for the moment.  Until next time!

"Tyson, don't leave!"

2 thoughts on “Traveling Knox, missing Eve

  1. Looks like such a fun weekend! You’re giving me the serious travel-with-dog itch. I wonder if we can pull something off with only two days to plan . . .
    And that tongue is incredible. Stevie, watch out, you’ve got a serious competitor!!

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