Introducing, Knox the Amphibian!

Well, if you only could have seen how terrified Knox once was of the water, you would not believe it.  After our busy weekend in St. Michael’s, we were home just long enough to do a few loads of laundry, put gas in the car, and restock the dog food supply… and off we were again.  This time to NY.  We had a wedding in the city so we decided to head upstate a few days early and spend time at The Lake, which is a place I’ve been going since I was a young kid.  This was Knox’s second visit.  And boy was he thrilled to be back!

His daily itinerary at Lake Muskoday was as follows:

Sunrise Yoga (here he is displaying his downward-facing dog)

Followed by some ‘sticking’ in the lake, his most favorite activity:

Here he is displaying his snorkeling skills, in search of sticks from the depths,

followed of course by shaking off that lake water (while still in the lake… I just don’t understand this).

Next some fetch, of course.  What’s a vacation without fetch?!

Next up, an afternoon siesta.  On the dock, of course.

And how about a siesta in the lounge chair too?  I mean it just screams comfy dog nap.

Afternoons including boating (sort of)…

and dock patrol

and concluded with watching where sticks come from!  (here he is trying to get a little too close).

And that was just the daytime activities!  Evening activities will be posted tomorrow.  After all, the Lake is probably one of Knox’s favorite places in the whole wide world.  To him, it’s worth 100 posts.  But we’ll keep it at two  ; )

6 thoughts on “Introducing, Knox the Amphibian!

    • oh wow that is incredibly similar! I love how happy they get ‘in nature!’ It’s pretty amazing.

      I also noticed that right after you posted about Stevie’s new collar, Knox’s blocky collar finally came in (8 weeks later!) That was, I swear, a coincidence too! lol. Knox sends love to Stevie. He’s lonely. Evey got adopted… I’ll post about that tomorrow. Bittersweet.

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