Bye Bye Evey

We have bittersweet news…. While we were traveling Eve was adopted. 

When a foster gets adopted it is always bittersweet, but sometimes, more bitter than others.  Well Evey was one of those.  Boy do we miss her.  But we know she is somewhere great and is having a blast.  She was adopted by a nice lady with a boy dog, so Evey now has a forever brother, who she is getting to know and love very much.  We also got an updated that she busted her brother out of his crate one day because she wanted to play!  That Eveygirl.  Knox misses her and sends her love.

We know Eve is going to be very well cared for, and that’s the exciting part.  We were just a bit sad we didn’t get to say goodbye.  But that’s how it goes!

We love, you Evey girl!  Have fun in your new forever home on a farm (how lucky is she?!)

It will be a few weeks before our next foster (at least that’s the plan), but until then, we’ll keep you updated on Knox’s shenanigans around Baltimore.

4 thoughts on “Bye Bye Evey

  1. Congrats! It seems there has been a flurry of adoption activity among my blog foster dog friends lately. How did Evey find her forever-family? We fostered a wonderful dog named TANK for a short while and he was adopted while we were out of town for a weekend. We felt similiarly cheated!

    • It is exciting! (Btw, TANK is adorable, I loved reading about him too!) Eve was adopted through someone who contact Mid Atlantic Bully Buddies and filled out an application. She was interested in Eve, and found her through the website (not sure if it was directly through MABB or a search on Its amazing how some go so quick and others hang around for a while!

  2. Are you on the market for a new foster? There is a 7-8 year old blue female at MCHS who I absolutely adore, and I’m trying my hardest to get her accepted into a rescue. The only problem is that everybody is so full!

    • oh she sounds fabulous! We’re not this second because we’ve been out of town so much! We actually got a ‘promotion’ lol, in our rescue. We’re going to start being the evaluations for dogs that come into our rescue. So we’ll be a revolving door, having a new foster every few days/week or two, etc. (to see how they do with dogs, cats, leash walking, city life, etc etc). We start next weekend (after one last trip of the summer!) I hope that blue girl gets pulled asap!

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