Birthday Treats!

August seems to be full of birthdays!  At least for us.  This past weekend we attended a little sweetie’s 3rd Birthday Party, all the way our in Virginia (about a 2 hour drive).  Knox was not only invited to the party, but he even got his own goodiebag!  He also got some good luvin from that Sweet 3 year old. 

When we adopted Knox, it was May 17th, 2010.  They estimated he was approximately 9 months old.  So when they filled in the birthdate, they put in 8/17/2009 (a complete guess).  Well guess who’s  birthday happens to be 8/18?!  His human (the guy one). 

Coincidence? I think not!  Even though we celebrate his adoption day (and never planned on doing anything for his birthday, since we have no real idea when that is), by default of his human’s bday, Knox got a little sneaky celebrating in himself.

See after the birthday party, I surprised the other human half with a night in DC, since it was half way back to Baltimore.  We recently signed up to be part of the Kimpton In Touch reward program, because all their hotels are pet friendly!  So guess who got to tag along.  Not only pet friendly, but above and beyond.  Here, check out his welcome sign in the lobby!

They also offer dog bowls, beds and crates (though if you were to use a Kimpton, I would call ahead and confirm the SIZE of the crate and it’s availability we did have a slight communication problem with that and there was no crate available.  Learn from me!  Bring your own, reserve ahead or, use the bathroom!)  We did leave Knox at one point and put him in the bathroom.  What damage could he do right?!  Well, he did unroll and tear up a whole roll of toilet paper, but other then that… no major damages!  (That tooth mark on the door handle?  definitely was there before we got there… we think).

Anyway, Knox’s big treat?  He got to sleep in a big plush king size bed all.night.long.  This pup has never ever slept in the bed (I’m a light sleeper and we decided against allowing it, ever, since we knew it would be a hard habit to break once we allowed it).  Besides, Knox has a throne of a bed in our room.  It’s awesome.  But not compared to this fluffy King!

lucky guy

Yup, in the morning I woke up to the two birthday boys spooning!  And I was happy to have half a king size bed all to myself 🙂

We did notice that DC didn’t seem as dog friendly over-all.  At least not Dupont.  We asked several restaurants if they allowed dogs to dine outside, and we were turned away several times.  We were even kicked out of the outdoor farmer’s market.  I’m sure we just struck out, but we were happy to return to our pit-lovin’ Bmore with their doggie menus at restaurants.

We for sure will frequent Kimpton Hotels in the future.  They even offer dog walking if needed.  Can’t beat that!  Oh and lots of love.

Happy Birthday to my boys, and that 3 year old Princess!


3 thoughts on “Birthday Treats!

  1. This looks like such a nice weekend. Between the floofy bed and getting to party with that pink princess? Knox must have been in absolute heaven! I also love the girl’s expression in the first photo. Too cute.

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