House Guest!

Hey Guys!  Sorry it’s been a while— we’ve been pretty busy over here, which is why we don’t have a new foster yet.  However, as MABB says, there is quite a bit of inventory to get to (aka lots of doggies in need of homes!), so we’ve decided to help as a half way house.  Phoebe is our first temporary guest!  She’s a total Heinz 57 mutt.  Who knows what she is.  But we do know this: She’s adorable!

She and Knox got right to playing (of course), and are particularly fond of tugging with squeekie toys, which is driving that Human dad crazy!  The dogs however, are having a blast.

Phoebe is getting adopted this weekend, so since we’re doing the typical 9-5ing this week, we took Phoebe in so MABB can get started on the rest of the ‘inventory’. 

Phoebe is an itty bitty thing, barely 30lbs soaking wet.  She’s petite and spacey, which makes her that more hilarious (she’s quite funny).  I have no idea where Phoebe got her name, but I can’t help think about Phoebe from Friends… lol.


Anyway, we’re pleased to have little Phoebe for the week.  She’s been a PERFECT house guest.  We’ll keep you posted with who will come next.

In the meantime, we’re prepping for Irene.  We’ll have more on that this weekend!  And remember, don’t forget your pets when prepping for hurricanes!


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