Irene Refugee!

Hey Everyone!

So Phoebe went to her forever home last night.  Though we didn’t get to know her too well (she was in and out in a few days), we were thrilled to have her and are very happy to hear from her new forever mom that she and her doggie brother are doing fabulous together.  Yay!

So, perfect timing right?  Because today we took in a temporary foster directly through our city shelter, BARCS (Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter), since the BARCS building is literally about 500 feet from the water.  This area (Baltimore) is far from the Ocean, but sits along the Chesapeake Bay.  Waves aren’t so much the issue as general flooding.  I was SO HAPPY to walk into BARCS today to see the majority of the dogs gone.  Literally most of them are in temporary foster.  HOORAY.  I was so touched that people rallied together to get these dogs out of the shelter and into temporary homes.  Who knows, maybe they’ll stay there ;).  I have no actual idea, but I’d like to guess that about 100 dogs were able to leave BARCS.  Melts my heart a little.  Props to staff, volunteers and everyone else who stepped up to help the dogs (and cats) through this storm.

Anyway, so we brought home UPS.  Yes, that’s right.  UPS.  She was found by (you guessed it), the UPS man, so hence the name.  We’ll work on that.  BARCS gets so many dogs that they have to be really creative (or not) with names.

Regardless of her name (currently we are calling her Little Girl), she is too stinkin’ cute.

I’m apologizing in advance of the quality of pictures in this post.  #1) I have NO natural light thanks to Irene’s clouds and my lack of windows in this row house.  and #2) She would not sit still…even with Knox in his crate!  Here’s what the majority of my pictures look like:

Instead of pictures, I figured I’d just show you what it’s like when I bring an energetic pup home with my wild man.  It’s like  wrestlemania!   Click here to see them auditioning for WWE.

We think UPS is about 6-8 months old (just our guess)– she acts totally puppy!  She appears to be housebroken.  We think she’s a pit/lab mix, but also just our guess!  Contact me if your interested in adopting her!  You will 100% need to be able to provide this love with belly rubs.  She melts for them. 

Hope everyone is doing well with the rain!  So far, thankfully, that’s all it is.  as of yet.


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