Vroom Vrooooooom!

Since we live a stone’s throw away from the Baltimore Inner Harbor, which happened to play host to the Inaugural Baltimore Grand Prix this weekend, we were home bound and thoroughly enjoyed it.  We spent a fair share of our weekend relaxing.

We also enjoyed the local events.  Our neighborhood was more bustling and vibrant than usual, with lots of happy out-of-towners eager to see some speedy races.  So we also had some fun.

What did Buddha do?  He did what any smart lil pibble would to take advantage of the situation.  He put on his best outfit (forgot to return it after Monday Funday, it’s on it’s way back, BARCS!), his biggest smile, and wettest tongue and hit the streets! 

Though he didn’t find his new furever family, he certainly made a lot of friends, and convinced a lot of racing fans and preppy yatchers (LOTS of expensive boats docked around town) that pits are quite adorable and friendly, contrary to what they previously thought.  Our Baltimore people are very used to seeing sweet pibbles everywhere, but most of these out of towners were not.  So we’d say that’s a pretty successful mission.

What was not so successful was my mission.  To take pictures.  Brought the camera, minus the memory card.  Thank you to Brian’s iphone for supplying the above pictures.

Buddha also took advantage of the people watching (and licking) from our stoop.


Hope everyone else enjoyed their Labor Day Weekend as much as we did!

1 thought on “Vroom Vrooooooom!

  1. Oh my God – who could resist him in his “Adopt Me” outfit?! How cute is he?! And that picture of both bros people watching – the best reverse comment on humans! Keep these great blogs and pictures coming!

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