Monday Funday!!!

Last Monday, before bringing Rayven back to BARCS, we had a wonderful evening at a local place called Bay Cafe.  The weather and sunset were a perfect backdrop to a sandy evening for a couple of special pitbulls.  The BARCS Pit Crew hosted a super cool adoption event, similar to the event this spring at Mother’s.  Events like these, aside from (hopefully) making some money to support pups, and finding them furever homes, also bring awareness and show these awesome dogs in a positive light. 

Rayven took her date, Marshin.  They wore matching leis.  How cute.

 Here’s a few more of the happy pibbles on their evening out.


There was a decent crowd and the pups got lots of love.  That’s what’s important after all, right?

Little Ravyen had a bit too much fun, and had to be carried home.  Good thing this girl wasn’t driving!

Clearly she had a blast.  🙂


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