Rain, Rain, go Away

Man oh Man.  The coastal mid-atlantic sure is taking a beating these past two weeks.  An earthquake, Hurricane Irene, and now Lee’s rainy leftovers.  Can a dog get a break?!  I don’t know about your dogs, but these two HATE the rain.  I open the front door, they stare at the rain, then look back at me and say with their eyes, “Lady, are you serious?! It’s pouring out!”  Hey dogs, I’m right there with you.  Wellies, rain coat, and all.  Do I wish I had a backyard right now or what…

It’s funny how dogs are in the rain.  Some love it, some are indifferent, some despise it (ahem… my Knox).  Knox has my opinion of the rain: it’s great for a good snuggle on the sofa with a blanket and a movie.  It’s odd.  A day or two of rain=lazy dog.  He totally takes advantage of couch time.  It’s awesome.

A week of rain, however, not awesome.  A week of rain=wild dogs with lots of pent up energy.  Aside from how not-fun trekking outside in the rain is, it also makes for very brief walks.  After a few days…it becomes a chore to tire these boys out.

Here’s what’s done in our house to rid some of that energy.

~ We take the opportunity to give them some serious chew time on new elk antlers or raw hides.  The mental stimulation and chewing results in a much-needed nap.  Buddha will eat his whole meal out of a kong (refilled about 4 times!)  This is also helping him adjust to his crate since he gets yummy stuff in there.

~ We work on indoor training.  Long down stays for Knox, and learning basic commands for Buddha.  Mental stimulation is just as exhausting!

Hey... I'm in my crate, can I get one a those?

~ When all else fails, we play the staircase game.  We have two sets of curvy windy stairs.  One human goes to the top, the other stays down below with the pups.  When called with a nice solid “HERE”, the dogs are released and race to the top of the steps for a treat, love, or a tug.  Then the reverse, back downstairs.  Then up.  Sometimes they need some good ‘ol panting after a few days of being cooped up.

eh yo... entertain us!

What do you do to tire your dogs out after a week of house arrest?  We’d love some new suggestions!


5 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, go Away

  1. With smaller dogs like I have now, this is easier. We play a variation of the stair game you just described, we play ball, we play tug, etc. Still, we’ve had a few days of rain here that have prevented us from going on our longer walks and it definitely shows. Yesterday at work, I took the dogs into the fire stairwell and had them run up and down a few times. They were then able to come back into the office and relax on their bed while I worked. Now Dakotah was a whole different story. That boy was like the Tasmanian Devil if he didn’t get his walks/runs/exercise.

    • I know what you mean about the Taz devil! I have one of those too… 😉 I’m jealous you get to bring the dogs to work!!! I would love to be able to spend more time with the pups during the day. Something to aspire to I guess! Thanks for all the suggestions!!!

  2. We had quite the time wearing out Ivy during the rain, too! Thankfully, our basement is carpeted and Ivy has a new love … a Kong tennis ball. Throwing that back and forth about a million times finally did the trick! 🙂

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