Pittie Pileup

Please forgive the poor quality of this picture, but I had to share what a typical evening is like after the wildboys calm down, and CLEARLY I couldn’t move to get my camera.

This is what I call the Evening Pittie Pile-Up.  And it’s pretty common in our house.  Isn’t it amazing how scared some people are of these dogs?  If only they had some idea how much these dogs would give for human attention and contact.  They literally live and breathe for it.  They literally would, and do, give their lives to please their humans.  Only some of them have the horrible fate of being in the wrong human’s hands.

That’s why you should ‘LIKE’ Show Your Soft Side on facebook.  It’s a campaign developed to combat the insane rates of animal cruelty and abuse in Baltimore.  Show your support but clicking the link above, and ‘liking’ their page.  They have some pretty adorable pics up there too.

Thanks for the support.  These guys don’t have voice, so we have to speak for them.  There is a lot of cuddling that needs to be done after all!


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