Dinner time!

Buddha lovessss being wherever there is a human.  This makes him quite the accessory in the kitchen!  He’s a dog that’s attached to the hip (or foot) and doesn’t really like being left alone.  Ever.  So, during dinner prep, there is usually a lot of tripping going on in the kitchen.  Of course we work on getting him used to being alone, but dinner time is right after we get home, and he’s had plenty of that all day long.  So we let him sit on out feet when we chop, and trip us here and there.  It’s a love-trip after all ;).

He’s also great at paying attention to Brian when he’s outside grilling.  After all, we don’t want anyone attention-deprived around here!

And once dinner is ready, after all his hard work and prep, Buddha is tuckered out and ready for a nap while the humans eat that food he spent so much effort preparing.

Buddha says, “man it’s hard work cooking every night!  I’m pooped!”


3 thoughts on “Dinner time!

  1. All of our dogs just sit nonchalantly, or so they think, in the kitchen and wait for me to drop something. Ginger tends to stand right behind me so I always have to watch out for her so I don’t trip! 🙂

  2. Haha! Knox does the same…. just sits and waits for scraps to falls, and helps mostly with ‘clean up!’. Literally though, Buddha will follow us from drawer to drawer to fridge to dishwasher. He’s a shadow!

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