A Tear for Annie

 Annie’s Story

I just wanted to share this.  Many of you may have already read about Annie, but for those of you who have not… this is her story, and it is perfectly written by Ashley, the founder of Lucky Dog Rescue. 

Just over a year ago, I had never even heard of the concept ‘fostering dogs’.  Now, I’m completely amazing by how far beyond this concept, people go.  It’s inspiring.  Thank you.  To everyone who goes above and beyond for these guys.  For Annie.  For every dog that is put down because of kennel cough, because of space.  Reasons so insignificant, yet so devastating in consequence.  We certainly can’t help them all, but each one we do, is a step in the right direction.  Thanks for inspiring me today, Annie.  A piece of you lives on in all of us that are remembering you today.


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