Buddha’s Back!

Boy we missed this guy!  He’s such a goof-ball.

Yes, in one word, if I was asked to describe this guy, Goof-Ball would be it.  This boy enjoys barreling down the stairs full speed, tumbling over his own feet and flopping off the sofa, head first, onto Knox.  This guy is anything but graceful.  But entertain you, he will!  This is one fun pup.

After returning from his temporary foster home while we were away, he decided to remind us juuuust how fun he is, and why we should never leave him again.

Buddha is playing hide and seek (and re-arranging the cushions at the same time, talk about multi-tasking!)

He pops his head out every once in a while just to make sure we’re still ‘looking for him’.

But then it’s back to burrowing!

And since being a Goofball is such hard work, naps are inevitable.  But we can attest that he has earned these Goof Ball naps…

And his mentor, King of the Goofballs, is very proud of his protégé.


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