These two are buddies. 

Knox hasn’t had a buddy like this since Tyson.  Most people say that it is best to match opposite sex dogs, particularly in foster-type situations, as they are less inclined to be competitive with each other.  Well, that may work for most dogs— and don’t take this to mean Knox doesn’t love the rotating door of ladies, quite the contrary!  However a good ‘ol buddy is necessary sometimes, and Buddha and Knox get along like they were raised together.

Handsomest boys around

Look at these buds.

See the best part about having these two is that they will play enough to tire each other out, and then they will snuggle up together as if they can’t possibly get any closer.  Now that is a gift.  For them as much as for me.

I mean c’mon, don’t you want to just jump in and join them?  These two  have really mastered the art of snuggling.


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