Run, Baltimore Run!

This past Saturday was the Baltimore Running Festival…an awesomely great way to spend a fabulous fall day in Baltimore.  We’re lucky that the Marathon course goes literally in front of our stoop.  So of course we were cheering on all the runners.

Here comes the Elite woman!  Wahoo! 

Knox thinks they are so so fast (they are!)

And all the ‘regular’ runners (like his mama!)

And the best part about this race, is the half marathon starts two hours after the full marathon… so after all the cheering, I got to hop in on the action too!

And guess who met me at the finish?

my #1 fan!

And after a long day of running, it was time for some much-needed snuggling and napping… for the whole house of course.  We do things as a family around here.


7 thoughts on “Run, Baltimore Run!

  1. Loooooove te last two pics!! Congrats on the half marathon and I hope you enjoyed that cuddly nap. It looked like the worlds cutest nap! Lol

  2. Congrats on running the half marathon – something I could never do since I’m such a horrible distance runner 😛 See you tonight to pick up Addie girl!

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