Knox’s First Official Restaurant Review

So it was promised that when we weren’t updating you on the current fosters or love affairs of Mr. Knox, we’d fill you in on some of the many awesome dog-friendly spots around Baltimore to eat with your pooch!  Can’t beat this view, right?

This past Monday we dined at a favorite local spot called Little Havana.  With great views of the Harbor and the iconic Domino Sugar plant in the backdrop, it could not be beat for a monday night meal.  And a Beer.  Knox agrees.

The food is simple, with Cuban influences… a nice break from traditional bar food, but at the same prices (we had two sandwiches, three beers, and shared a salad for about thirty bucks!  Yay for Monday night specials!)

Knox isn’t interested in the cost, or the food.

He gives this spot two paws up because he was happily welcomed with lots of love from our waitress (every time she came to our table) as well as a nice big bowl of water.  He also liked that he could plot an attack on the ducks floating by and spy into the nice yachts (he likes water front dining).  And the best reason?  Little Havana just hosted an awesome fundraiser for BARCS!  Knox loooooves that.

And for you non-city dwellers, or anyone else who’s driving in… there is parking too!  Always a plus.

We get to walk home and isn’t that a good thing because check out the goods Knox found on the walk home… the motherload of sticks!


7 thoughts on “Knox’s First Official Restaurant Review

  1. We are going to Baltimore hopefully in the spring to visit some friends so I will have to suggest this place! They don’t get out much so we always have to come up with the restaurant ideas….

    I am pretty impressed that you got Knox to sit so politely while you ate. Turk would be going nuts!

  2. Emily, our secret is that we usually bring a treat for him too… like a bully stick or a stuffed bone (something that takes a while). He gets in his down-stay and chews away (but he doesn’t get to start his treat till our food comes!) Hopefully in the next few months we’ll review a few other dog-friendly places and you will have a slew of places to choose from (if not, email me, I already have a TON. I live for food, FYI).

  3. We love seeing tours of cities and what everyone is doing with pooches in their own city (and what a cool view!). I was also reading today that Baltimore has one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the US; it’s a street where the houses are all painted in really bright colors. It looked really nice.

  4. hmmm it’s got to be Charles villlage… porches on the front of the houses? I bet. I keep thinking I’d love to do one of your tourists in your own city… But I need to get out with the dog and camera a bit more before we submit! (if your still doing it!)

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