I know we can’t save them all…

There was a dog fight last night.  It was in Baltimore.  It was being video taped.  This poor sweet girl was able to escape with only minor wounds, but was then immediately hit by a car.

Here’s the rest of the story…

“The poor baby now has a broken leg, and numerous wounds to her body. No one at the scene would claim this dog. The dog was taken to the Pet ER and was evaluated, she needs surgery for the leg and treatment for her wounds.  We are reaching out to anyone that has the means to donate to this sweet dog’s much needed surgery. Despite her condition and cruel treatment, all she wants is to give hugs and kisses to everyone that is helping her. Everyone that has had contact with her wants to help her and cannot believe how sweet and lovable she is, they were even able to give her a bath at the PET+ER last night.  The 1st step is her surgery, and the next step is to help her recover and find her a loving forever home.  I know we “can’t save them all” but this sweet girl at least deserves a chance at a happy life…She is less than 1 year old.”

They also need a rescue to pick up this sweet pup and sponsor and network her after her surgery…Mid Atlantic Bully Buddies is picking her up!  I haven’t met the dog personally, but she sounds amazing, and seems to be a true fighter (in the good sense of the word, as in will to live!  Not the horrible sense that humans were attempting to make her).  It’s true you can’t save them all, not even a fraction, but something in this sweet pups eyes is just reaching out to be loved. 

One of the most fabulous foster parents I know will be taking this girl after her surgeries…Here’s the plan, straight from her mouth: “We’re going to take the little girl-that-needs-to-be-named to an orthopedic surgeon who can likely do the surgery better than a regular vet.  A chip-in will be started and MABB will take over any payments. At that time I (awesome fostermom which is not me) will take (really needs a name!) sweet girl to my house for her recovery which will be about 6-8 weeks. We’ll do swim therapy and laser treatments to help with her healing.” 

Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful start to the rest of her life?  Swim therapy? Laser treatments?  Living in the lap of luxury… I’m so happy that this little girl-without-a-name will get to live a truly happy life.  When I started this post hours ago, it wasn’t looking good.  She was given until tomorrow to live.  Thank you everyone in the animal rescue world for once again, coming together to save a life.  And thank you awesome fostermom LM.

BUT Mid Atlantic Bully Buddies relies solely on donations so PLEASE help this little girl out.  You can go right to MABB’s website to donate to her care.

****Update: The police offer who helped her out of the whole situation, has named her Charity.  How perfect.  I’ll be posting updates about Charity over the next few weeks.****


5 thoughts on “I know we can’t save them all…

  1. It is so awesome that she was rescued from what happened. I hope some one can give her a forever home 🙂 I have a Labrador and to think of him in that situation hurts my heart. I would take her if I could. Charity is a fine name for the sweet girl.

  2. Let’s chip in to save this dog. It might help in the grand scheme to counterbalance the cruelty that so many of Baltimore’s animals endure every single day. Besides, it’s just the right thing to do.

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