Celebrating Pitbull Awareness Day

Did you know it’s Pitbull Awareness Day?  How are you Celebrating?  I hope you get to snuggle up your pibble, give him/her lots of love and kisses, and whisper sweet nothings to your love bug.  Maybe a bit of a longer walk on this beautiful fall Saturday  or a special treat.  Oh, you don’t have a pibble to love?  Go Adopt one!  Or, spread the word about how misrepresented they are…and if you see a well-mannered pitbull type dog walking around town today, or anyday…give compliments to their responsible owner and maybe a little love for their pitbull ambassador.

Want to know how we celebrated today?  With BARCStoberfest of course!  Knox dressed in his October’s best

then gathered his bestest of friends

and hit Patterson Park to visit with dogs,

A cow and a bull!

mingle with old foster siblings

Ivy Girl!

 and say hello to some of his favorite organizations and rescue groups.

BARCS' Pit Crew

Mid Atlantic Bully Buddies

He even got to get his feet wet in some agility fun!

He had a great day hangin’ around with his motley crew…and continuing to show the world how fantastic these pit bull type dogs can be. 🙂

He’d says it was all in all a successful Pit Bull Awareness Day!

12 thoughts on “Celebrating Pitbull Awareness Day

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