An Update from Chloe

We’re currently foster-less, and will be for about another 2 weeks or so due to our crazy schedule, (for example right now I’m posting from my hotel room since I’m at a conference out of town for the week, and in between lectures).  Our schedule has a lot of these obstacles in it for a few weeks, so in the meantime, we figured we’d check in with some of our previous fosters to see how they are doing!

Today is Ms. Chloe’s Update. 

Here’s an update, straight from her mama.  Luckily for us, we get to see Chloe all the time and knew she would be in the bestest of hands, but it’s nice to hear it straight from her new parents.

Chloe only joined our family five months ago, but (as cheesy as this sounds) it really does feel like we’ve had her for years. There is nothing like coming home from work, and watching her tail wiggle so fast she can’t even stand.

We had been contemplating getting a dog for several months, but were still renting and had to wait. We kept falling for each one of Jess and Brian’s new fosters. One month after buying our own place, we met Belle (now Chloe!). Although we knew that we wanted to adopt a dog, we weren’t sure if we were ready for a Big Bad Pit Bull. (We, especially me, were a bit ignorant, until we started doing some research and listening to our enlightened friends) My husband, Blake, fell head over heels for her best quality, those ears!

So we started by “borrowing” Chloe for a few hours after work. I gave my Blake, who had never owned a dog, strict instructions on how to lay down the law from the beginning – no couch, no table scraps, blah blah blah. Fast forward 30 minutes. Poor Chloe just looked so sad down there on that carpet. She must be scared being in a new home with strangers. We should let her up on the couch to comfort her!

And that is where you can find her anytime we are home. Belle/Chloe/Chloe-Belle/Chloe B/Beans/Franks & Beans/Beanbag/Chlosephine/ChloChlo/ Chlo Chlo Chanel, is curled up on her blanket up on the couch, ‘til she slowly weasels her way down the couch. Before you know it, WE are in her way. She now also has her own papason chair. And a bed, of course. She pretty much rules the house.

Jess nailed it up front by calling her a Diva. If you catch up with us outside, you would never know what a couch potato this girl is. She insists on meeting every dog we meet and is quick to show her boyfriends (yup, she’s got two), Tyson and Knox, who’s in charge.

Even though we think she’s pretty much perfect, we realize we have plenty to work on. We were “invited” back to repeat our obedience class. What a privilege! And just like most other 2 year olds, she isn’t always the best with sharing and tends to have selective hearing. We’ve also been battling with a nasty reoccurring rash/allergy/staph/yeast/mange? the past several months, so our poor girl has had to put up with some drastic changes until we figure out the cause. She is totally heartbroken that we have taken away most of her treats and her one true love, peanut butter. She hangs her head and gives us real ‘puppy dog eyes’ when we wipe her down with baby wipes after each walk….and when we bathe her….did I mention that we have to leave her special shampoo on for 10 minutes?! An eternity in dog years. 

Despite this, I think she loves us as much as we love her.  We truly couldn’t imagine our lives without her.

Thanks for the update, M & B!  We know she couldn’t be a happier pup (minus the loss of peanut butter… and spoiled dog’s worst nightmare).


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