Evey’s new home and new name

Remember Eve?  Our longest foster to date?  Those beautiful green eyes?  Remember she was stolen from us adopted this summer when we were out of town on vacation and we didn’t get to say goodbye?  We were certainly happy for our Evey, but a bit heartbroken we didn’t get to love on her before she left us.

Well I finally got in touch with her forevermama, and boy was I happy I did.  Here’s what she had to say:

Hi Jessica,

Thanks soo much for emailing me.  I always wondered about you guys.  Brian told us he was only Eve’s temporary foster parent while you guys were on vaca.  I felt horrible taking her that day knowing you didn’t get to say your last good bye’s.  We have since renamed her Jayde because of her crystal green eyes.  I was soo thankful to be able to adopt her living 2 hours from the rescue.  I had been turned away from rescuing from other Bully rescues due to my “zip code”.

Jayder Bug’s new BEST buddy is Winston, a 7.5 year old Boston Terrier.  As much as we fell for Jayde, he was the one to make the call.  For the last 6 years he had been King of his castle.  I knew I had to find the right match or there would be terrible trouble as Winston is a dominant male and can show his “little dog” syndrome. 

Jayde loves to go to Lowes and PetSmart where she receives all kinds of praise for being a good pitty ambassador.

She’s also all about romping thru the orchards full speed ahead and then running back to me as if trying to mow me over… LOL

I took some time and looked at your blogs and by the end of it, I was in tears.  I think its AMAZING what you guys do for this breed.  If I had the means, I would be right there with ya.

I attached a few pics of Jayde, I wish I had more, I need to work on that.  🙂

Jayder Bug? LOVE.LOVE.LOVE that nickname.  Orchards?  Did you pick up on that too?  Yes this girl is a country girl now!  I’m so happy for her it melts my heart.  Thank you AD for loving her too, and a special thank you to Winston for making room in his heart and castle to love this girl (I mean how could he not?)  Here’s some picture’s of Eve courtesy of her mama.

Love that just melts my heart.

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