Oh What a Night

Over the past year there have been some pretty awesome fundraising events for BARCS (some of which I’ve shared with you, like BARCStoberfest and Mother’s Pints for Pits).  Aside from bringing in monetary donations, these events help spotlight some good press on the often unfairly maligned pitbull type dog.

Well the motherload of events was held this past Friday night.  If you are involved in Pitbull Rescue here in Baltimore, you knew about this event and couldn’t wait for November 4th.  And if you are not involved in rescue or dogs at all?  You STILL would love this event.  That’s how awesome it was.  Can’t wait for me to share details?  Me either!  I couldn’t wait to blog about this all weekend!

The awesome Robert McClintock hosted a fundraiser at his Gallery in Fell’s Point.  The event was called Commit to a Pit.

Check out the turn out!  It was a great evening of Art, drinks, snacks and socializing.  Oh and some pibble lovin’ too!

My hot date for the evening was Buhite, who we nicknamed ‘Boo’ since no one (including myself) understood his name.  He was the perfect gentleman all evening, aside from all the cheating he did on me.

Phone picture taken by another pibble lovin' human!

The party went late into the evening and Boo just hung out, curled up on the floor, and people-watched by the bar.

hangin' by the bar- showing off my super cute ears

The Gallery was set up perfectly, with huge canvases of Pit Bulls on the walls, many of which were recent dogs from BARCS, many of which I knew.

*Thanks to Robert McClintock for allowing me to post these pictures*

If you’re from Baltimore, you should visit the Robert McClintock Gallery in Fell’s Point and check out his awesome work.  If you’re not, you should check out his online Gallery.  You could even have him turn your pooch’s mug into a custom piece of art (for a price!)  We keep saying one day… 😉

Thank you, Robert McClintock for an awesome event!  And thank you to the volunteers who work hard every day for the forgotten dogs at BARCS.  You all never cease to amaze and inspire me and I feel so lucky to know each and every one of you.

***Update: Boo is now in foster (wahoo!  He’s out of the joint!  But still looking for his forever home.  Contact BARCS if you’re interested in meeting him!)***


5 thoughts on “Oh What a Night

  1. Pnce again a perfectly written blog. Thank you. We actually picked up a nice piece on Saturday. We bought the one that had all the dogs on it.

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