Our Little girl is all grown up!

Our last foster update (for now) was our first official foster, Jenny.  Jenny was a young pup, about 5 months when she was with us.  We tracked down her humans to check in on her (all they way up in Pennsylvania).  I wasn’t blogging at the time so I know you all don’t know a whole lot about this girl, but she was a SWEEEETIE.  Sweet as pie and cute as a button.  A tiny little love bug who was pretty low energy for a puppy.

cuddle bug J-Wow

Here is what her humans had to say about how Jenny (now Zoey) is doing… and wow, she is not a little girl anymore!Hi Jess!

It was nice hearing from you! I was just thinking a little while ago that I’d like to get some pictures to you guys.

Jenny (renamed Zoey) is doing just great.  She’s definitely not a puppy anymore! She weighs about as much as Diesel does! She’s not quite as tall though.  They just love each other.  I can’t imagine our lives without her.  I’ll send a few pics with this email but some of them aren’t the best shots so I’m going to attempt to take more.  They both freak out as soon as they hear the camera come on though.

Diesel and Zoey

For a few months after we adopted her we had similar problems with the potty training as you did.  She would come in from outside and pee right on the kitchen floor.  And it happened all the time.  We eventually broke her from that habit, after having to buy a new pack of paper towels every week.  Now she’s doing great- going outside where she’s supposed to.

Zoey and Diesel both love going out to the park to swim in the lake and run around with the other dogs at the dog park.  They are very social and we haven’t had any problems with either one of them.  You may notice, however, on some of the pics you can see that Zoey has a bit of a scar on her forehead.  The poor thing went to say hi to a dog down the street and apparently it didn’t like her too much.  We were able to separate them before he could really hurt her, but she does have a battle wound to show for it.  That just happened a few weeks ago, so we’re hoping her hair grows back soon.

J and I just found out recently that our household will be growing by a member in June (of the human kind 🙂 ) so we’re very anxious to see how the dogs will react with a baby around.  It may take some getting used to (since they’re used to getting all of the attention) but I’m sure they’ll make a great big brother and sister.

-A & J, Diesel, & Zoey

We are so excited for A & J and their growing family!  They shared a few more pictures of the pups so I’ll share those here with you. 

Here’s Diesel at the Lake where they both love to swim.

Doesn’t he remind you of Knox a little bit?

We’re happy to share (again) that another one of our foster pups made it out of Prince George’s County, where she didn’t have a chance, and is now living a happy life with a wonderful canine brother and two loving humans.

We’re so happy for you, Jenny (Zoey!)

3 thoughts on “Our Little girl is all grown up!

  1. Seeing those photos…she is all grown up! And as gorgeous and shiny as ever! The best part is hearing about them in their happy homes. We were lucky that one of our fosters was adopted by a guy we met as we did our daily walks, so we get to see him all the time and hear about her. That’s what makes it all worth it!

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