Public Service Announcement from Knox: Eat Your Veggies.

Knox has an important message he’d like to share with you…

He wants his canine friends to know that veggies (and fruit) are good for them too!  Not just for humans!

This is Knox showing you how delicious and fun eating whole foods can be.

I'm gonna take this stalk and run!

Knox is thoroughly enjoying this brussel sprout stalk… can you tell from the drool?

Since we adopted this boy, he’s struggled with a weak stomach.  If we had the means, and the space (aka feed him outside in a yard), we would have at least attempted to feed him a raw diet to see if that helped.  I’ve done quite a bit of research on Raw Diet and my gut tells me it would be perfect for HIS gut…but that’s here nor there now.  Maybe one day…

What we DO know is that some of his most favorite treats are whole, real food.  We tend to avoid grains when possible, just because we did so much switching around on food.  He’s on a grain-free kibble so we stick to grain free when we can.  He loves crunchy carrots, broccoli stalks, bits of banana, eggs (raw or cooked), and green beans.  He also occasionally enjoys a few frozen blueberries, pureed pumpkin (in his kong, usually frozen), and slices of apple (be careful and avoid the seeds/core).  And poached chicken too!

Do your dogs get any special treats?  And do you have any recommendations for treats for us to try?



8 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement from Knox: Eat Your Veggies.

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a brussel sprout stalk before…. haha! We stuff empty marrow bones with cantaloupe, banana, or kiwi (whatever’s on sale that week) and freeze them to give to Addie as a treat. They’re healthy, and it takes her awhile to eat, and then a lot of the time she loves to just chew on the bone afterwards.

  2. We regularly give our dog carrots. He also sometimes gets stalks from kale and collard greens and my husband shares with him whenever he is eating fruit.

  3. When Miss M was looking a bit rotund, we started experimenting with vegetables. Now Miss M gets kongs with apples and carrots. And her favorite thing when she goes to E’s mom’s house is to eat the pear-apples. Maybe we should try brussel sprouts!

  4. love the frozen blueberries idea but she would def have to eat that outside. don’t want to stain my apt floor. we do the pumpkin as well its great for her coat and digestion.

    • Thanks for the info! Yes by all means, feed at your own risk! I roughly follow BARF guidelines when referring to what to feed my dog. and are two of the websites I refer to. Knox does perfectly fine with broccoli STEMS and brussel sprout STALKS…the side effects from these that I was able to find are basically gas or a mild upset belly (which he doesnt get and he has a VERY sensitive belly!). But as stated, it is definetly good to try small doses of veggies and see how your dog does. And by all means I am NOT a vet so feel free to consult your own vet/do your own reseach, etc.
      Thank you very much for the additional information!

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