Big Mama’s in the House!

Well we (okay,.. I) started having foster withdrawal… so after our houseful of guests this weekend (more on that later), we were all set up for a new foster on Sunday.

Meet Ariel

She’s a super sweet tank of a girl, who we can’t stand to call Ariel…because that name just brings images of graceful red-headed mermaids… and that’s not exactly this girl’s M.O. 

So we’re calling her Big Mama for now, despite her official name.  We can say this: She is a beautiful unique girl with blue merle coloring and two different color eyes (one blue and one grey/brown).  Talk about beauty coming in all shapes and sizes!

We spent our Sunday getting her adjusted to her crate, and getting to know Knox.  By the looks of it, these two are going to be good buddies in no time…We can’t wait to update you… and we suspect this girl’s personality matches her size…  stay tuned!


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