Knox’s Thanksgiving

Usually I assume that a holiday is just another day for a dog…maybe a weekend day, but another day all the same.

Boy was I off on that assumption!  Knox started his Thanksgiving day as the backseat driver and occasionally snuck in some lip-flapping sniffs out of the sunroof.

He then made a pit stop (get it, PIT stop… ok not funny) at Historic Harpers Ferry.  We didn’t have time to get a hike in, but he did some sniffing around to check out the beautiful rivers, walked across the bridge for the view (ok he preferred to jog across the bridge…something about his insane fear of water and a bridge), and posed outside a Tavern.

After arriving out our destination, he assisted with the grilling of The Bird, followed by overseeing the carving of The Bird (and sampling some of The Bird!)

He capped off his Thanksgiving with a good snuggle on a full belly.  He says he has a lot to be Thankful for this year, and we agree.

We hope you and yours enjoyed your Thanksgiving as much as we did!


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