Let me introduce myself

Yes, you all know my name is Lola… about time these guys picked a name for me!  I heard they wanted to call me Dumbo and Bugs and a whole slew of other names that basically made fun of my ears…

It’s okay, I’m comfortable with how I look…in fact after first glance, my ears bring smiles to almost everyone who meets me!  Who wouldn’t want a feature like that?!

Here’s a better look…You smiled, didn’t you?  Well if that made you smile, check out my adorable speckled nose!  I’m a really curious girl, so every time the foster mama takes out the camera I come running over to sniff, see?See my beautiful eyes too?  Fostermama says I stare so wonderfully into her eyes, that she just dishes out these little crunchy treats…mmmm mmmmm!

And last but certainly not least, one of my most unique features…Yup!  A crooked little tail, short too!  I won’t whack you in the leg with it, or knock anything off the coffee table…but it’s not toooo too short that you can’t see it wagging (and just incase you had trouble seeing it because it wags so fast, don’t worry, my whole back-end wiggles so much I fall over!)See how short it is compared to the big guy’s?

Speaking of big guys, I’m getting to know him really well too.  We just want to play but fostermama says we’s gots to take it slooow.  I did get to sneak him a few kisses though…

Ta-ta for now!

9 thoughts on “Let me introduce myself

  1. Lola looks like an absolute sweetheart. I love those ears, too! Good luck with her, Jess. It looks like she and Knox are going to be best buds.

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