What is it with this bed…

Our house is scattered with several cushy places for the dogs to lay.  A sunny spot by the window, a cozy bed in front of tv, and of course, the big chair by the window that Knox believes belongs to him, among other places.  But something about Knox’s first, cheap, old bed, draws these fosters like moths to a flame.

The other day Ms. Lola was in her crate, whining a bit.  We make it a point not to let her (or any of our fosters) our of the crate till they learn to settle down on their own.  As soon as she settled down, I unlatched her.  Do you want to know the first thing she did?  Jumped out of her crate, sprinted across the dining room, and right into Knox’s crate.

This girl was on a mission.  To take a nap.  In Knox’s crate.

“leave me alone and let me nap on this big ol’ stinky bed in peace” Lola Bunny.  Direct quote.

What I can’t wrap my head around is that this bed is old as dirt (ok, only as old as we’ve had Knox, so about 18 months).  But he sleeps on it every day (for 8+ hours), its been through hell (I won’t go into details) when he’s had stomach issues, and it’s just OLD.

Here’s Lola’s Doppelgänger, our first long-term foster, Jenny.

Clearly she had a thing for Knox’s crate too.  And he was happy to oblige his little puppy.

Any ideas as WHY this stinky bed is the hit of the house?

PS- disclaimer, we wash it often…but I’m not convinced all the ‘dog’ is out of it after a good wash.  Share your thoughts?

And PPS- isn’t the resemblance between Lola and Jenny uncanny?!

8 thoughts on “What is it with this bed…

  1. It does look so comfortable, but maybe it’s a competition thing?. We are perplexed why every dog in our house has gone for the flattened $15 Ikea floor pillow, especially when we do have comfortable memory foam beds around. (From the pictures Lola and Jenny looked like the same pooch!)

    • You might be onto something! Luckily Knox is happy to swap crates from time to time.
      And the difference is in the nose (Lola has freckles and Jenny’s is all red! Its the only way I can tell them apart in these pictures too!)

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