A Perfect December Night

Mondays…they are just no good.  After work, we went on our usual walk around the ‘hood, but it was very chilly!  We came home, and decided it was time for Lola’s bath.  She did great, but something tells me it was her least favorite part of the evening.

We did some snugglin’ after to get dry and warm up…I think she liked that part a whole lot better.  I had to remove myself to grab the camera, clearly these two didn’t mind.  More blankets for them.

Then on to some Christmas baking!

Mondays aren’t a favorite in our house, but this one wasn’t so bad.  🙂


8 thoughts on “A Perfect December Night

  1. Her ears just kill me, so cute! Mondays are a drag at our house too, I have to force Ozzie from the bed for his walk on Monday mornings! Did Lola get some yummy Christmas cookies too? 🙂

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