Pits on Parade!

Every month a Pit Bull Advocacy group that we are a part of, B-More Dog, ‘hosts’ a pit bull walk around the Baltimore Inner Harbor called Pits on Parade.  This just happens to be about 1000 feet from our house… aren’t we lucky ducks pits.  So since the other human half of our household was working today, and since Lola is still recovering from her spay, Knox and I took off to join the pack. 

We’ve dropped in on these walks here and there for about a year now.  They remind us a lot of the Sociabulls Walks from our buddies over at Two Pitties in the City (Chicago).  The purpose of the Pits on Parade walk is to spread the good word and big heads of the Pit Bull Type dog… B-More Dog specifically says these walks are: “A unique opportunity to combat the constant negative publicity and sensationalism that surrounds our beloved dogs. Our goal is to present a positive image of pit bulls as wonderful, well-mannered and friendly companion dogs”.  Yup, that sums it up pretty well.

So, a fellow member of B-More dog, J.E. took some amazing photos that she is sharing here with all of you!  She runs an advocacy group as well, Babes 4 Bullies and fosters through Jasmine’s House, another super awesome local Pit Bull Rescue.  So I’ll let her photos take over!

Sheila and Bonham

Ruby taking a little lounge break... such a Diva

Snorkle giving her mama some love

Love this picture

Puzzle is all dressed up!

some of the group!

mini (awesome) group

There are plenty more of these, this was just a select few of J.E.’s awesome photos…and we’re very happy she shared them with us, to share with you!

Now I know Chicago has Sociabulls… any other cities out there that have similar type walks around the city?  They are fabulous and fairly easy.  They spread good word, work on obedience, and get some energy out…not to mention make people smile with these silly outfits!

If your city doesn’t have one, you should gather a few well-mannered dogs together and get out there!


13 thoughts on “Pits on Parade!

  1. Love the Pits on Parade events at the harbor. Such great exposure for this wonderful breed. Hope to be able to join in one soon.

  2. This is so great! We actually modeled our Chicago SociaBulls group after the HikeaBulls group walks in CA which we would enviously read about. We had actually started it as a socialization group where our structure even allows leash reactive dogs to have a social experience, but now we’re realizing how it really has a secondary purpose of highlighting our amazing group of pitbull-type dogs, as well as the fact we do have several small dogs and other breed dogs who are comfortable walking in a group of mainly pitbull types. I have so many questions to see how other groups are doing things…I think I will check out the Facebook page tonight when I’m no longer firewalled.

  3. Jess,

    This blog just gets better and better. So cute – love my grandson and trying hard NOT to love Lola – grandma’s house can’t have two dog visitors!

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