A recipe for a Perfect Christmas

We hope everyone had a great holiday!  Despite the fact that Knox missed Lola a lot during his trip to New York to visit his Grandma, he figured out a recipe for the perfect Christmas!

It started with a lot of staring out the window waiting for the guy in the red suit who looks like a big chew toy…

Add some cookie sniffing  (He did sample some, but not directly from the table!  He was on clean-up-the-crumbs duty)

and a good amount of time opening Christmas presents with some of his favorite human relatives.  Sprinkle in some awesome chew and tug time with the dragon (thanks to the Pittie Posse Secret Santa)

And finish off with the best part of all:  Playing Ball!  Green grass!  and Chilly temps!

Nothing compares to a little bit of mud, a lot of space, and a green ball.  Even when its 34 degrees.

And maybe add in a little romp with your favorite Schnauzer…if your into that sorta thing 😉

There!  You got a recipe for the perfect Christmas!

We hope you enjoyed your holiday just as much as we did!

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