And we say goodbye to another…

Yup, so quick.  Our Lolabug is gone.  It happened so fast, but she’s an easy gal to fall in love with.  We had her exactly one month.  She was adopted on New Year’s Day!

She will no longer have to spend her afternoon naps dreaming of her forever home because she’s got her own now.

We’re so Happy that our little Lola will spend her days with a wonderful couple, on a big plot of land, and a small canine brother named Bean.  The couple who adopted her has adult children, so for the rest of her (hopefully long) life, Lola will be the center of their life.  We can’t be more thrilled for our gal.Knox will miss his head rest, his playmate, and his snuggle buddy.  We’ll miss the little Lola who kept the kitchen mat warm.But we’re just so happy for you Lola bug!  And what a way to start the year!  A new home.  Best wishes, girl!


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