And the revolving door spins again!

Daisy girl is on the move…not that she ever stopped.  She is headed to a veteran foster home that specializes in puppies.  As I’ve mentioned before, we’re not particularly puppy-friendly here as we can’t really meet their needs long term (we’re not home enough, and its very hard to potty train without a yard).  So we served as a short pit stop for this gal along her journey to find her forever home.  And as Daisy moves along, in comes Ava!

This cutie won’t be here for long either.  She was in another foster home for a few weeks, recovering from Demodex mange.  She already has a family that is incredibly interested in her (they came to see her yesterday).  We think it’s going to be a great match so don’t be surprised if she’s gone in a jiffy! 

Of course we had to snap a few pictures while we had the chance… she’s a pretty unique looking girl.  Cow spots, blue nose, confused ears, and beautiful eyes.  It all adds up to a cutie patootie.Oh and this girlie LOVES her nylabones.  She’s been chewing since she got here!


9 thoughts on “And the revolving door spins again!

  1. Ahh I love Ava! I got to meet her and snap some photos a few weeks ago. Not only was she gentle and a gorgeous model, she got along beautifully with the other high-energy puppy there!

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