Our first award!

We couldn’t be more thrilled!  excited! And humbled of course.  Last week we received our first blog award : )  Thanks to Our Waldo Bungie for gifting it to us.

Liebster means Dearest in German, so the Liebster Blog Award is the Dearest Blog Award. It’s an award intended to recognize worthy, lesser known blogs and to help expose their work. Of course, accepting The Liebster Award comes with a few rules!

1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you. (check!)

2. Reveal your top five picks {with less than 200 readers} and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog. (See below)

3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.  (done!)

4. Hope that the people you’ve sent the award to forward it to their five favorite up-and-coming bloggers and keep it going!  (fingers crossed!)

So I’ll admit that I actually have no idea how many people are following some of the below blogs, so if I offend anyone I apologize in advance!

In no particular order:

A&A Friese: I am completely amazing by anyone who lives in Alaska.  A reason to blog in and of itself (in my book).  But on top of that?  An adorable pitbull type dog named Molly and they foster.  Fabulous!

Running with Squirrels: Love the name of this blog!  And they Just started fostering so go check them out!  I also know (thanks to my fabulous internet stalking skills) that they are fostering through Jasmine’s House, another awesome pitbull rescue here in Maryland.

Between Trains: Another fabulous foster blog that’s also just getting started.  On their first foster dog now, but boy do they have a beautiful pack of their own!  Also fostering through Jasmine’s House!

Twenty Six to Life: Now my gut strongly tells me this blog has way more than 200 followers, but hey, I can plead the 5th because I honestly have no idea how to tell… Anyway!  Love this blog because if features three resident pitbull typers and the secret to how it won my heart?  Kate (blog author) is hugely helping me with my photo skillz and she doesn’t even know it!  Until now…  Thanks Kate!  Kate also sent Knox the bestest squeaker toy ever during the Pittie Posse Secret Santa…How could this blog not be on here!?  Go check it out!

Fields of Green: Now there are Dog people, and there are Kid People, some dabble in the other, some take on both hats, and a whole bunch NEVER want anything to do with the other.  That’s not me… I love ’em both.  This blog is by a dear friend of mine who is currently doing the baby thing while I’m doing the dog thing.  Someday I’ll have a baby (I hope… and I also hope not too soon) and someday she’ll (probably) have a dog.  Until then we can live vicariously through each other (with the respective dog/baby thing… otherwise I think we’re both quite content with our lives).  Credit must also be given to fabulous Taylor for her wonderful writing, photography techniques (Knox as the model here), and gluten-free recipes.

And because the foster girls have been hogging the blog, here’s a picture of Our One True Love, Knox, and his true love; his orange ball (taken in November).


10 thoughts on “Our first award!

  1. Congratulations Jess – I am constantly awed by how great this blog is! You deserve this award and 10 more. Keep up the good work making this important message so entertaining, humorous, heartwarming and fun. Not to mention your outstanding photography skills! I hope Knox (the handsome poster boy) got at least a bully stick for all his charming work in helping to earn this award!

  2. so exciting! that’s such a sweet award to get and so true. I always suggest dog lovers read this blog. congrats congrats!

  3. Congratulations on the award and thank you so much for sharing it with us! Reese and McMuffin wanted me to let Knox know that the orange ball is one of their favorites too! We just saw that Ava was adopted … great job!

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