Wishing upon a star

This past week, our whole world fell out beneath our feet. 

The love of our life and center of our universe (and without saying, the inspiration for this blog), became incredibly sick.  It came out of no where.  Without going into too much detail I will share what’s been going on (because so many of you have inquired).  Knox tested positive for a blood parasite called Mycoplasma Hemocanis.  This is usually dormant until something bigger is going on (autoimmune disease, cancer, no spleen, etc).  So despite the treatment with meds, he’s not responding and his blood is very low (incredibly anemic).  He’s had two blood transfusions at this point.  We may need to attempt a third but usually, that’s the max.

So that’s the update.  I want to say thank you, to you.  For caring and sharing.  For sending good thoughts, crossing fingers, toes, and paws.  For sending messages, leaving notes, and being here for us, virtually.  I’m amazing by the support we have received.  I know every dog is special to their owners, but this dog, our Knox, is special to a whole lot of people.  If I can’t toot his horn when he’s on death’s doorstep, when can I?! 

For us, well that’s easy…he’s completely changed our lives. 

We went from young 20-somethings who wanting to rescue a dog, to two completely devoted owners who also are now completely devoted to this breed (which we didn’t know jack about before).  On May 17th, 2010 we brought home a “Baltimore Mutt” (aka a pit-mix) and had no idea how much of an influence he would have on us, on the world he lives in, the streets he walks, and the people he’d meet.  Not to mention the people whom he’d introduce us to (and it’s true, I now have dozens of friends, yes FRIENDS, which I never would have met if it wasn’t for our big-headed lug), and of course all the foster dogs who have made quite the impression on our hearts (and his).

In our eyes, this boy’s work is not yet done.  Yes he’s accomplished a nice long list in his short 20 months with us, but he’s got more to do, so we are wishing upon a star tonight that he makes it through this tough battle…

36 thoughts on “Wishing upon a star

  1. If everyone had the amount of love, kindness, strength, and heart Jess, Brian and Knox have, the world would burst. I’m sending barrels and barrels of it back to you

  2. Oh! Paws up and crossed for Knox and you guys. You have a whole world wishing you good health Knox, we also know that your work here is not done. Be strong.

  3. Are you in need of donations toward his medical treatment? If so where can it be sent? I wish every dog would be lucky like Knox to have such devoted owners. I’m praying for his recovery!

    • I think we’re still at the point where we are too proud to take donations, and feel that some how, we’ll get by. We opened a care credit card, so we’ll do what we can for now. It was very nice of you to offer. Amazing really.

  4. All of my good wishes you to you and your boy. Pits have a way of changing lives, my Floyd changed mine. I’ll be sending up prayers …

  5. Anything you guys need, don’t hesitate, we are all here rooting for Knox. Sending positive thoughts his ways, lazy days spending in the sun, zoomies in the yard, chasing a ball, making new friends…

  6. Heard about little Knox’s story and just had to come by and leave some best wishes!! It tears at our hearts to see him struggle. Our positive thoughts and energy is with him for a speedy recovery.

  7. I really hope Knox pulls through. I remember meeting a woman with a beautiful pittie at a local university animal hospital with the same problem. I think they were having success at maintaining her red blood cells count with meds. I don’t remember the details…

  8. sending healing prayers and power of the paws to Knox. Rooting and believing for long days ahead of life and love

  9. Sending all our positive thoughts and prayers your way. I am so sorry for all you are dealing with, I can only imagine the incredible toll this has to be taking on the three of you. Hang in there!

  10. I stand here in my kitchen reading your most recent post crying like a baby because your story with Knox brings back the sharp pain I feel after the loss of my sweet Mugsy. He like Knox completely changed this old grandmothers heart and life. He came as many do through children who adopt and then find their lives so busy that we “grandparents” end up subbing much of the time. This big headed lug of a dog came to me with very little training, a mystery of a past and FULL of energy. I was afraid of him! Until he wiggled his way into my life. Through training, much patience and time he became a therapy dog and I know he is missed at the nursing homes we visited. Anyway…….we lost him to some mystery illness last July after months of searching for a cause and treatment and I still cry daily and even though I want another dog (and it will only be a pit) I can’t even consider taking in another until my heart heals from his death. I am praying for a swift recovery for your precious boy. Please keep us updated and I just want you to know that I understand the constant worry and concern you feel and my heart aches for you. God bless you and your beautiful dog.

    • Thank you Donna… Mugsy sounds like he was such a sweet heart. I hope my young guy finds some recovery soon, but we haven’t had much success yet, and though he’s fighting, we are incredibly, emotionally drained. We’re not sleeping, b/c every movement of his, i get worried something is going on. Now we are dealing with secondary issues because of the meds (including a scary friday night with a blood clot, most likely, that caused temporary paralysis…)
      Anyway, the point is, I appreciate you sharing…now more than ever. I never thought we’d be dealing with all this so soon…he’s only about 2.5/3 years old! He’s supposed to be the big brother to our theoretical babies…and I didn’t have a dog growing up, and this is all so new. Thank you for sharing you story, and thinking about our Knox. Heartache is putting it mildly… but I hope your heart heals soon and when it does, one lucky pittie will really luck out.

      • Dear Jess, I just saw on FB the news about Knox. Oh God……I am so sorry for you. I have had the broken heart that you are experiencing today. And I wish I could do or say something that could ease the pain and loneliness you are feeling. It has been six months since we had to let Mugsy go and it was a horrible decision but he was exactly like you described…….so very, very tired and done is the only way I can describe it…….he no longer gave kisses or wanted to snuggle…….he was just done. I felt so guilty that I didn’t spend more money to save him but you said something that really helped me tonight. That I would be doing that for MY selfish needs……..and ultimately that’s what it would have been……for me….not him……thank you for helping me see that. With that statement I actually may be on the road to recovery.
        I know you are missing him……but know the best thing that ever happened to him was the day your eyes met his in BARCS. He knew love and happiness and he was so blessed to have become part of your lives…..and you were blessed to know that unconditional bully love. God bless you and I hope you more of that love in the future.
        Thank you for posting ……..

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