So I guess what they say is true…

At least for this guy… He’s a fighter alright.  He’s fighting mighty hard and we are so proud of him for it.  Fighting his itty bitty pitty butt off…for his life. Gosh, where to begin.  This has been a yo-yo of a week.  We kept hoping for good news, but it never came.  After two blood transfusions, he still wasn’t stable.  Despite the levels going up a bit, they were never considered safe.

He's lost 9 lbs...but eating well now!

He was discharged Thursday night with the meds he’s been on and a “good luck, but some dogs just don’t respond to the meds”.  Well, if that was our plan, I would have been devastated.  BUT, remember I said on Monday’s post that one of the many gifts this boy had brought to my life is the many friends I’ve met who are involved with pit bull rescue?  Well, a visit to our trainer’s vet was essentially demanded by her all week.  By Thursday, I was so relieved we had another plan.

In 24 hours, his levels dropped again (so he is still dangerously anemic).  Our new Doc suggested upping his current meds (doubling his antibiotic and steroid), and adding in a few others, as well as some vitamin K, and a few meds to help his belly not react too terribly.  Here’s the line up.  We’re overwhelmed to say the least.

We tried to organize the best we could, but holy cow, it feels like we’re running a nursing home!  Sheesh!

Anyway, after leaving the doc today, we’re very hopeful.  Confident even.  More so in him, than in anything else.  Because as I said above, he’s a fighter.  I know we’ve been asking for over a week now to keep your fingers, toes and paws crossed… but if they’re not too cramped up from all the crossing, could you keep it up a little longer?  We think it’s helping.  Knox says thanks.

And so do we.  Thank You.  It’s truly amazing how many people have awe-ed us.  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again.  Thank you for hoping for this boy.  It’s working.  I hope we will have some scientific evidence to report next week that he’s really on the mend (he’s back to the vet on Tuesday, as long as he presents the same all weekend).

The sooner he’s better, the sooner he can get back to work being the bestest foster brother he can be!


25 thoughts on “So I guess what they say is true…

  1. Thanks for the update, Jess. Will continue to send loving, healing thoughts to Knox. He is so lucky to have such devoted parents.

  2. You guys are awesome – you aren’t giving up on him and that’s why he’s fighting that itty bitty pitty butt of his off! Thinking of you and much hugs to Knox!

  3. Thank goodness for following up with another vet….always trust your instincts….you are such good doggy parents….and it looks like Knox is fightin to get his strength back….all the Fahey dogs and their mom are sending love and good karma your way.

  4. Knox is a lucky boy to have you guys on his side fighting FOR him just as hard as he himself is fighting. We are all crossing fingers, toes, paws, and everything else we’ve got that we’ll get some good news very soon. Sending lots of hugs!

  5. Oh man, I totally understand having a doggie pharmacy to deal with. Knox is in great hands though and we’ll keep crossing all our fingers, toes, and paws over here for him!

  6. I’d say that counts as good news! A second opinion is always a good idea- especially when we’re talking about Knox’s life! Skye has been all bent out of shape worried about Knox- she loves seeing his pictures! I’m glad he’s home and eating- poor guy looks like he’s been through the ringer. Keep us posted, we’re still rooting for you!

  7. My mama was just thinking about you today and hoping to get some good news. Sounds like you are headed in the right direction. Keep up the good work, we’ll keep everything crossed and continue to send good vibes your way.

  8. I don’t know if I’ve commented before, but I wanted to tell you that I’m sending lots of good thoughts to Knox. He sounds like a fighter and I hope he improves. He seems like such a sweet boy!

  9. Hi friends, just heard from Two Pitties in the City that Knox left his body. I am so sorry, I can only imagine your heart break. What a wonderful guy and how lucky you all were to have found each other. He comforted and loved so many, it must be that even in such a short time, he accomplished a lifetime of work, as all good spirits do. Will be thinking of you and sending hugs from Ohio, Antoinette, Max and Lola.

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