Knox the Blood Donor (well…previously)

This post is very late…about a month late actually.  See Knox had just recently started to donate blood, something we were hoping he’d be doing for a while.  Unfortunately he became sick (completely unrelated to the blood donating).  So needless to say, he’s no longer a donor.  However, we’d love to share our experience!

Knox was first brought into a small room at a local vet’s office.  You can opt for on or off-site donating.  BRVBB (Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank) is located in Virginia, but they visit a local vet’s office only 10 minutes from us, score!

He entered the room and met the two humans who’d be working on him.  He was greeted with lots of treats, peanut butter and love.  Not a bad start!  Lots of luvin’ and schmoozing the clientele…. something he could easily get used to.  And of course he schmoozed right back. 

Hand over the peanut butter...and no one gets hurt.

Next up, a nice snuggle session.  And of course, more peanut butter!

Next, getting down to business, the blood was drawn.  Knox continued to eat his peanut butter and treats and barely noticed the quick shave and then the needle.
And the finished product!
Look at this proud boy.   What I forgot to mention, is that the blood testing that the blood bank does is very thorough.  We wouldn’t have known Knox was positive for the blood parasite that started his downward spiral if it wasn’t for the pre-testing that the blood bank does.  One of the many benefits of donation.  Be sure to think about it!

7 thoughts on “Knox the Blood Donor (well…previously)

  1. Thanks for sharing this – I had never heard of canine blood donation before you started talking about it.

    I hope Knox starts feeling better soon. We’re all pulling for him!

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