Another First


What’s a better way to start a Monday than to do a giveaway?!  Our FIRST giveaway?

little Fred (a transport guest) whacking Knox! 🙂

Oh wait, I know, WINNING the giveaway!

So we were contacted by Mr. Chewy who thought we could try out his site and write a review.  After all, us city-dwellers hate to give up prime car-parking real-estate just to run to the pet store.  But we thought, why not give it away to one of our readers?

We are giving away a $50 gift certificate to use on!

Mr. Chewy is an online pet food retailer.  They sell great brands of food, for afforable prices, and shipping over $49 is free!  The best part?  We LOVE that they have a referral program in which they donate to different charities. 

SO, the catch?  The winner just has to let us know how it went after they received their order (either on our facebook wall or through email, and we’ll publish on our facebook) — and we’ll report back to Mr. Chewy!

Not a bad deal, right?  So, you can enter one of two ways.  If you haven’t liked us on Facebook yet, get on over there!  If you like us in the next 48 hours, you’ll be automatically entered.  If you already like us on facebook (go you!) then please leave a comment on today’s post.

I had some good belly-laughs with this boy

Since we’re looking for reasons to smile (who likes Mondays…) we’d like you to share with us the silliest thing your pup or kitty (or hedge hog, boa, or hampster…) does to get a laugh out of you.  Share away!  We can’t wait to smile all day.

The boring stuff:

This giveaway is open to US residents and will end on February 15, 2012 at 11:59 PM (EST). The winner will be chosen at random using  a random number generator from all eligible entries ( The winner will be notified via e-mail and will have three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen. The gift code will be sent via e-mail. No mailing address is required for this giveaway.


25 thoughts on “Another First

  1. Hi guys!
    The silliest thing that trial (the little brindle you met when we traded off ava girl) does is he gets super stoked over anything that is stuffed with feathers! Every time he finds a feather pillow or a down blanket he does the cutest doggy rub roll on it ever and he won’t stop wiggling with the pillow or blanket until you take the feathery amazingness away! HE JUST LOVES IT!

  2. Hi Jess…My name is Linda and I’m one of three working on the new “Our Rainbow Friends” site. Ann (Zoolatry) and I do most of the artwork and posting to the site and ML from “Jed and Abby” handles the emails and contacts. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from ML soon.

    I’m so very sorry to hear of the loss of Knox. I just went back and read a few of your recent posts about his legacy and his life with you. (Of course now I’m sitting here with a box of tissues).

    What we would need from you is outlined at the site,

    Basically we just need the date of Knox’s entry to Rainbow Bridge, his date of birth or approximate age, and a good-quality photo that is one of your favorites. The January passings will be posted soon and the February passings will be posted by March 15.

    Again, I am very sorry for your loss.


  3. I’m not entering since I already did the Mr. Chewy review, but I did want to share a funny story about our foster dog. Lucy Lou made me literally LOL last night when she was passed out napping after our afternoon pack walk. She wouldn’t stir for anything – not when I called her name, not when I petted her, and not when dinner was served. The only thing that made her stir at all was the Glen Campbell tribute on the Grammy’s! She didn’t wake up, but all of a sudden her tail was wagging like crazy, her shoulders were bobbing and she had a big pittie smile on her face. I am now thoroughly convinced that my girl Lucy Lou is a country fan and that her life’s goal is to be a rhinestone cowgirl.

  4. My mother’s dog (who passed away last summer) would make us laugh by sitting on the couch and watching TV with us like a person.

  5. Our pitty does this thing where she tries to bury bones, toys, or whatever she can find by doin what we calling pushing the invisible dirt. She noses all around in an attempt to cover the item but there’s nothing available to cover it with. It’s hilarious! Thanks for doing the giveaway, Knox is smiling at the thought!

  6. First – my condolences on losing Knox. He sounds like an awesome dog. I started reading your blog through (we’re Baltimoreans as well, up in Mt. Vernon). While we don’t own a pitbull, we did adopt a pup in need of help. Our guy is a (we estimate) 4 year old one-eyed Shih Tzu named Teddy. We think he lost his eye fighting another dog while he was a stray. Like Knox, he changed our lives from the day we brought him home.

    Anyway, this weekend, Tedward gave me the signal that he needed to go outside, so I bundled up and put his leash on him, knowing that he had little idea that outside it was frigid and windy with a wind chill of about 15 at the time (~11 PM on Saturday night). So we get out there and walk down the block a bit and then a nice 30 mph gust of icy wind hits us in the face. Rather than hurry up and do his business, Teddy literally froze in place and sat down on the sidewalk at the shock of the cold air. He gave me a look that was a mix of panic and blame (why didn you bring me out here?!). I had to coax him to stand up and he immediately turned around and scampered back to our apartment building’s front door.

    • Haha that made me laugh out loud! So cute! Rescuing dogs is what we’re about here– pits, shitzu’s, heinz-57 mixes…Sounds like Teddy really lucked out!
      Goodluck to you for the giveaway 🙂

  7. My little dog, Datsun, enjoys playing with my cat much more than playing with me or my other dog, Chan. Datsun and Savvy (cat) race through the house, leaping over each other, wrestling, and trying to pysche each out with long stares. Sometimes the cat will jump out of nowhere and pounce OVER Datsun who is totally flummoxed (even though this happens a lot). I love watching them Thanks for the giveaway! c:

  8. My dogs make me laugh every single day, but this one particular incident sticks out. We went to our Thursday night obedience class after missing it for a month. I had Delilah at one end of the room in a down stay and Hubby was at the other end with Sampson in a down stay. I had run out of treats so I left the room to grab some treats and while I was away one of the dogs not too far from Delilah let out a big roo roo bark at which Delilah jumped up and ran to the other end of the room to her Daddy.

  9. Every morning, while I shower, my little guy feels the need to get in my bed & snuggle up. I’ll come in to find him under the covers with his head on the pillow as if he were a real person, snoring away. It’s hysterical, yet makes leaving him to go to work that much harder!

  10. Not entering the contest, but thought I’d share this moment. We live in the Seattle area, but our most recent addition to the family, Larry, a Smooth Fox Terrier mix, was brought up from LA, and he thinks the weather everywhere should be like the weather in LA.
    Just a week or so ago, we were getting a good rain. I had taken Junebug (our Beagle) out at like 4am, so come 6am, when it was the normal out time, I was just taking Larry. I had slippers and my hoodie on. I got the extendo leash on him and opened the door to go outside. He heard the rain hitting the ground and turned around and ran down the hall, trying to get back to bed. No way was he going outside when it sounded like that.

  11. My pup does some crazy things that make me laugh. But what really makes me laugh is when my cat jumps up on top of the cabinets from the counter. It’s funny every time!

  12. Titan is our 2 1/2 year old rescued pit bull mix. He is absolutely the biggest baby around. We think he is peacefully sleeping on the ottoman and the next thing we know, we hear this very soft, extremely pittiful whine. Seriously? It is soooo soft that we think we are hearing things. When we turn to look at him to see if he is making noise, he lies perfectly still, looking at us with the absolutely saddest face that says “What? Wanna play?” It cracks us up every time.

  13. Hey guys! So Brodie and Molly take it upon themselves to be our shower monitors. Every time either one of us is suddsing up both the pooches run to the bathroom, where they proceed to pull the curtain back enough to stick their heads in. Once they know we are safe they sleep on the bath mat until we get out, where they then continue to monitor the rest of our morning getting ready routine. Love those pups and their need to take care of us!

  14. We just got our pup, Panda, about 2 months ago. While there are many things he does that make me smile—I love it when hops. Sometimes he gets really excited outside and he does this sort of bunny hop jump across the yard. Its so cute!

  15. when my kitty plays with his paw under the door and i on the other side is so funny, and always makes us laugh! Thanks for a super giveaway!

  16. What makes me smile? My 10 week old pit, Ray, and I just started puppy class last night. I was nervous at how we might be recieved and hoping my rambunctious baby would at least moderately behave. We were the youngest in the class of 5 and smack dab in the middle as far as size. I needn’t have worried about perceptions and misbehaving. My scary pitbull spent most of the class hiding behind his mommy’s chair before finally making friends with the chihuahua next to us.

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