Lola’s Livin’ the Life!

That Lola… she just brings a smile to my face when I think of her.  She was such a happy girl.  I knew we’d have a good update for you guys soon, since she really really really lucked out with such a loving and special home.  She just finished her training class (and of course did fabulous!  This is Lola, EVERYTHING she does is Fab-u-lous!)

Here’s what her new mama had to say about how she’s settling into her new castle digs:

Hi MABB & J,

Just a little follow up on my little angel Lola.  What a dream, we just love her.  She went to her first obedience class this past Saturday, she entered the ring being extremely vocal and tail wagging.  Miss Lola had everyone laughing, she was a hit.  Lola is a very smart little creature and I know she will ace the classes.  I have been working with her at home and she is doing fine.

Lola really likes my little dog, Beans and I believe he has learned to like her also.  Lola is always looking for Beans when we go for a walk, she wants to be able to see him.

Lola has met one of my grandchildren and of course, it love at first sight.

I will try to send some pictures from my phone, but I don’t have many that depict her antics.  She truly enjoys running through piles of leaves so fast that her back end is entirly tucked in; she loves the freedom.
Her favorite pass-time is enjoying chewing on her bone that is filled with peanut butter; she has lots of bones.  At the end of the evening, when it is time for bed, she loves jumping on our bed and barking with excitement and acting crazy to get attention and then crashes and falls asleep.
She is very cookie orientated, so she learns new tricks pretty quick, like catching the bits of cookies that I toss to her.  She also is trying to  say ma ma,  really funny.   She is a good student and all her classmates like her and people fall in love with her.  She loves to jump up next to us and snuggle when it is time to nap.   She likes to sit on the bench in the kitchen and look out the window.  I put her crate right by the door so she can look out and see the squirrels and birds.
Thanks again for finding her for us.
We’re so pleased with the match between Lola and her forever family.  Makes our hearts smile.  Keep up the good work in training Lola!  And keep the smiles coming for that new lucky family of yours.

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