Tyson the Rockstar!

Another foster update for this week, our good buddy Tyson!  Now we are lucky because Ty got adopted by our good friends in the neighborhood so we get to see a lot of him!  Tyson has done so well with them.  It was a short adjustment period for Tyson; we suspect this was the first time he’d ever been in a home without another dog…but he adjusted fairly quickly and continues his Rockstar-ness every where he goes!

loungin' by the pool in the OBX with his buddy Knox

Some of his favorite places to visit are his extended human family’s outside of the city… a farm in Frederick, MD and sometimes allllll the way up to Massachusetts.  But I’ll let them tell you how he’s doing!

A and I couldn’t be happier adopting Tyson.  Looking back I have no idea how we didn’twant to take him home the first time I met him. We are very fortunate to have found such an awesome dog.  So far we haven’t found a dog he doesn’t like or a person he doesn’t want attention from. He is extremely loyal and obedient.  He listens well and I would recommend the obedience training to anyone with a dog. He is doing his job in giving pitbull type dogs better street cred. 

We’ve made several trips to New England to visit the family and we’ve found that even though Tyson likes car rides-he gets car sick.  He’s fine on short distances, loves to hang his head out the window, but for trips over an hour you can tell he’s ready to be on the ground again. 

Tyson has a lot of energy-but loves to be invited up on the couch to watch TV with us.  After I get home from work he follows me everywhere. He’s always in the same room as me- especially in the kitchen when food is around.  Teaching him to paw shake was a mistake-now what does he do when he wants your attention?  He paws at you.  He’s trying to learn a few other tricks, but I can say he’s mastered being one of the best dog’s I’ve ever owned.  

Tyson is one lucky boy.  His humans are getting married this fall, and he’s all set for a life of love, that’s for sure.  This cute picture was taken during their engagement session, and I just LOVE it.  Yes, of COURSE Tyson was at the shoot (obviously, right?!)  He’s not a big fan of that big camera.  But how cute is that face?

Ty, go on with your Rockstar self!

And here’s one more of him and his buddy Knox, napping during our trip to the Outer Banks this past September.  We’re so happy J & A decided he was a keeper 🙂

love them.

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