Bottle Pups

These lil pups were dropped off at BARCS just over 3 weeks ago.  They were days old.  They were dropped off  by a lady without any explaination; she pretty much dropped them and ran off without answering any basic questions.  Well thank goodness for foster homes that can handle puppies so young.  I know we certainly couldn’t.  Up every hour, feeding them constantly…not our cup of tea.  These puppies were struggling a lot at first.  One stopped breathing on two seperate occasions.  Their foster mama was worried sick.  Well, clearly they are doing great now…eatin’ like little piggies.  What kind of dogs are they?  No idea!  I’d put money that they have some sort of pitbull type dog in them, but those ears are very interesting.  Their foster mama guesses they have some hound since they are very vocal.  Only time will tell!  We can’t wait to watch them grow over the next few weeks.

Until then, a photo essay for you, with love from the bottle pups.

that ear!
that polka dot nose!

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18 thoughts on “Bottle Pups

  1. I can’t handle myself right now. They are soooooo cute. I’m really freaken out right now. I’ll be back to post more after I stare at these adorable pups a bit more.

  2. So freaking cute! how could anyone abandon them!… re:hound part… i dunno… my pit/boxer mix is pretty vocal and talks all the time lol…

  3. I have named them Peanut, Poppy, Pancake & Patience. They were just 6 days old when I picked them up and are now 4 weeks old today. It was exactly one year ago that I fostered my last litter of bottle pups. Buzz, Woody & Jessie were 10 days old when I picked them up from BARCS and MABB found them great homes. I’m sure these pups will be just as lucky.


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