The gimp

We have a new face around here…we’ve nicknamed him Gimp.Why you ask?  Well check out that gimpy limb!  Lucky for him, he gets to keep it.  But a car sure did do a number on it.  He showed up at BARCS and was sent to rescue (MABB) pretty quickly.  Good thing too…the shelter is no place for any dog, especially one who needs to recoup and recover!

He’s only had his cast for a few days, so he’s still figuring out how to get around with it.  He’s doing an impressive job, I have to say.  But of course there are some funny moments.

Though…he doesn’t like it much when I make fun of him…

Oh and we’ll have to take care of those boys too… one surgery at a time though…


21 thoughts on “The gimp

  1. Like the others have said, that wrinkly forehead is to die for. His legs look super long too! Like he’s at that awkward age where he’s growing taller faster than he can grow wider 🙂 I can’t wait to hear more about him.

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