Pimpin’ out the Pitties!

So remember on Monday’s post I told you it was a pittie-filled weekend? I wasn’t kidding! On Saturday, Mid Atlantic Bully Buddies hosted an adoption event.  It was so much fun!  Another beautiful day, with beautiful dogs, tasty treats and thirst-quenching beer.  I mean could you even imagine a better Saturday?!

Foster parents were encouraged to bring their foster dogs.  The doggies got to mix and mingle with potential adopters as well as their competitors all the other adoptable dogs through MABB.

Our buddy, Harvey has come such a long way!

These MABB pups were not shy about dishin’ out the kisses, that’s for sure!

Adoption events are so crucial because potential adopters get to meet several dogs at once, and maybe open their eyes to a dog they previously thought they weren’t interested in.  Take our VIP, Gracie.  She’s a hefty adult female, that some people tend to look over, however on Saturday she was epitome of the perfect pet.  She was calm and relaxed while many of the other dogs were over exited about all the commotion.

Gracie, catchin’ some rays

A handful of dogs did get adopted as a result, which is very exciting!  But plenty more still need homes.  A note to all you potential adopters out there:  As convenient as it is to meet a bunch of dogs at once, remember they are probably very excited and over stimulated at these events.  Ask the handler if you can accompany them a few hundred feet away from the commotion and check out that dog in a more relaxed environment.  You’d be surprised at the difference.  Dogs, especially ones coming from shelters and kennels, get stimulation overload and may be looked over due to the fact that they appear very excited.  This boy, Bruno, came right from the kennel.  When he first got there, he was very excited and overwhelmed.

Handsome Bruno

After a good bit of time and some exercise in the run, he settled quite well.  But remember, keep your mind open and ask lots of questions about how the dogs do at home too! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Pimpin’ out the Pitties!

  1. This was my first MABB adoption event and I was very impressed at how well all of the dogs did. Despite her pefect behavior at the event, Gracie is still very much looking for her forever home, so thank you for putting the spotlight on her!

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  3. Looks like everyeone, two and four legged alike, had a beautiful day at the MABB event. Noticed lots of big smiles in those photographs! Thanks for sharing.

  4. This was such a fun event!!! So glad I got to go. I wanted to come home with all the dogs. Anyone who is reading this and looking for an adorable pup, Fletcher, the one with the massive tongue going in for the kiss is adorable! He also has a very soft coat. Gracie is also my other fave, she was so well behaved and sweet. Great event MABB!

  5. Coudn’t agree more – Cooper is a COMPLETELY different dog at adoption events! On the flip side, our first foster (Tucker) was the complete opposite – he was a little spaz monkey at home, but totally chill at the adoption event…which is good, because it helped him land his People! 🙂

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