A Visit to Fort McHenry National Monument

You know how things are just outside your door, yet you need a reason to visit?  Our virtual friends, Ms. M and Mr. B (over at Two Pitties in the City) did a really cool series last spring about being a tourist in your own city.  Well it just so happens that my mom was visiting from NY this weekend.  All the more reason to go out and be a ‘tourist’, right?

In a quick break in the rain, we went down to  visit Fort McHenry.  I often run there, but rarely take it all in for what it is; a National Historical Monument.

The site is at the tip of a peninsula, where the Baltimore Harbor starts.  Here’s a map, sort of…don’t let the cute pitbull distract you from your geography lesson.

Anyway, this landmark, right in the city, is a beautiful place to visit!  It’s a dog friendly mile loop of paved pathway surrounding the Fort to the inside, and beautiful view of the water.  It’s only about a square mile, but its a wonderful escape for me when I feel a little suffocated in the city.  There’s something about green grass and the water that just feels good, no?

Physical therapy for Bodie!

Bodie was very interested in the cannons…after all this is (was) a fort!

If you’re ever in Baltimore for a visit (with or without your pooch), Bodie recommends you make a stop at Fort McHenry.  He can’t wait for a picnic when the ground isn’t wet.

He also wants to remind you not to forget your poopbags!


12 thoughts on “A Visit to Fort McHenry National Monument

  1. LOL That last picture is awesome. The poop bag – every dog owners favorite accessory! Is there anything more terrifying than being in a public place while your dog squats, and coming to the sudden realization that you FORGOT the poo bags??? **shudder**

  2. I think these are the most beautiful pictures of Bodie. Such a range of emotions went through me when I first saw the pictures and I have scrolled back up several times to view them again. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Ooooo, I love hearing of new places in the city that are dog-friendly! I’ve been trying to get a group of dogs for “mini” pack-walks around the city and so far we’ve only hit up Patterson Park and Druid Park Lake. Would the Fort McHenry loop be a good place for a pack of 5-7 dogs plus humans?

  4. Sounds like a lovely day and fun was had by all = )

    Here in Raleigh, there are many nice places, but I miss being in the Kind of Prussia area and going to French Creek State Park and Valley Forge. Even though I am not originally from that area, that is home for me.

    Kisses to Bodie’s wrinkly forehead = )

    ~ L.

  5. Those ears!! He is such a little model! I’m glad you have some green space to clear your head, especially if it’s fido-friendly.

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